Why you need to read the Terms and Conditions



The terms and conditions page is often the most overlooked part of entering a competition. The dream of winning a fabulous prize can be intoxicating, thrilling and blinding, all at the same time. The consequences of not looking at the fine print at it’s worst, can be devastating. Prizes have known to be forfeited or just plain disappointing. Sometimes the reality is nothing like the dream.

But If you’re not reading the terms and conditions of a competition, you should be and here’s why:


Competition Open and Close date

The most important clause in a terms and conditions document is the opening and closing date of a competition. Simply put, any entries received before or after these dates won’t be accepted so get the dates right and get your entries in on time.


Receipts and Barcodes

Its always a good idea to keep receipts for store competitions but its even better when you check what exactly you need to keep. Barcodes of products might be required so double check what you need. Sometimes promoters will have a second chance draw and you will have to provide a receipt and prove your purchase so always keep receipts for at least 3 months after the draw date.


Media Obligations

It’s terrifying to think but some promoters require a picture , video or interview of the winner. Only enter if you’re prepared to go through with any media commitments with the promoter, if you should win.


Travel Dates

Make sure to check if there are certain dates you must travel within. It would be devastating to win a Round the World Trip only to find out you can only travel in December when its the only time of the year you cant take off. Other conditions might be accommodation only, no flights and any cash won might come in the form of a cheque or cash passport. Its good to know where you stand if you win.


Country, State & Age

Most competitions in Australia are for Australian and New Zealand residents so you don’t have anything to worry about.  But some competitions will stipulate residents of a specific state an only enter. If the competition is only for people who reside in NSW and you live in Perth, you cant enter so double check you satisfy all the requirements. If it’s a kids competition and you want to enter and you are not under the age 12, you can’t enter so don’t even try. If the prize is for a seniors cruise, think twice before you enter.


Many things are can be and will be hidden in the terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to check and read them carefully. It’s easy to skim over, enter and forget. If you’re unsure call or email the promoter. Prevent winners regret and read the terms and conditions!


Now over to you…

What’s been your experience with the terms and conditions of a competition?

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