Top Tips to get Votes in a Voting Competition



I love watching voting competitions but I cant help but wonder how did they get so many votes? And more importantly how can I get in on these voting competitions and ultimately win! If you feel the same way as I do, I think you’ll like this post. Some of these strategies to get votes are a little unconventional but then again unconventional and thinking outside the box is sure to get you a prize or two? So here are my Top Tips for Getting Votes in a Voting Competition:


  1. Utilise you’re Competition Club’s Community. Ask for votes in forums and if you’re really serious you can giveaway a small prize if people vote for you.
  2. Social Media. Ask everyone you know in your social and family circles to vote for you. Make sure to send the link and clear instructions. You can run a Facebook Ad Campaign for a small fee to get people to vote for you. Facebook groups can be great exposure but be careful what you post, because you might kicked out of a group.
  3. Have a plan. Makes sure you start early in the game. If you blow your competition out of the water right from the start, allot of people will drop out and quit the race plus other potential voters will see you at the top and vote for you.
  4. Email Contacts. There are potentially 30+ people in your inbox who you are not ‘friends’ with but have emailed in the past. Send a polite ‘How are you?’ and go for the kill at the end ‘Please vote for me!’ but try not to come off desperate.
  5. Letter drop. If you have the time, print off heaps of flyers and drop them into neighbours mailboxes. Make sure to put any prizes or incentives on the flyer if your neighbours should vote for you. You’d be surprised how your local community will rally around you.
  6. Depending on your workplace, send out a short email to your work colleagues and get your workplace behind you. Seek out people who have access to larger mail groups in the Organisation and get them to send a short note.
  7. Get behind other Voting Competitions. Befriending people from other voting competitions is a great way to cross-pollinate voters. Just make sure its not the same competition you’re in!


Voting competitions can be great fun and interactive for everyone involved. Watching your name go up the Winners Board would be exhilarating and all so worth it when the prizes are big and life changing! Good luck and get voting!

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