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Christmas and a New Year

Christmas will soon be upon us and I hope everyone is looking forward to a few days surrounded by family and friends and are taking some well earned rest from the frantic lead up to it. I certainly am and have all the Christmas presents sorted from my wins throughout the year as well as
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Free Entertainment

With the Christmas/Summer holidays fast approaching it would seem to be a good idea to try to get some free entertainment for you, your family and your friends organised for the coming months. Movie and concert ticket and heaps of DVDs and CDs are always available and in plentiful supply through competitions. One of my
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Christmas Competitions

Watch out! It’s nearly Christmas.  I know because Christmas catalogues are starting to appear in my letterbox, Santa is arriving at my local shopping centre this week (so soon?) and last weekend the Berry Markets were full of stalls with Christmassy presents and gear and two Christmas fundraising raffles. I resisted the stalls (it’s a
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Win LIfe

More Winning Ways

“The measure of true success is how many times you can bounce back after failure”. Stephan Richards Most successful people will all agree with this hint – celebrate wins, and learn from your losses. But comping is a little different from other competitive activities or gambling as you don’t really lose anything, just a little
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Winning Ways

“Whenever you wan to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed”. Paul Coelho Like any job, hobby, sport or project to achieve the best results it is imperative to throw yourself wholeheartedly into it and stay
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Writing Competitions

Most of the time I remember the competitions I enter and the prizes I am after but as I don’t always keep a regular record of them, occasionally I am surprised when an unexpected parcel arrives at the front door. I am also delighted, mind you. This happened the other day when I was greeted
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Instant Wins

The other week I noticed a comment in the Forum asking whether anyone ever has had any luck with instant win competitions. I thought that was a good question. The most common instant win competitions are the Instant Scratch-its. My father loved Scratch-its and for just about any family gathering would but a heap of
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