Anyone Need a Holiday?



I don’t know many people who, when asked ‘do you need a holiday’ would answer ‘no’. Even if they didn’t feel like they actually needed one, I am sure they would happily agree they would like one. So in this post I am going to take a look at the many and varied opportunities there are, from month to month of winning a holiday.
I have only ever won one holiday, a couple of years ago. It was a weeks’ family accommodation at a very upmarket holiday unit in Port Stephens. It was right on the water’s edge not far from the main attractions, restaurants and sightseeing activities. As it was a voucher I gave it to my daughter and her family who needed the break more than me at the time.
I don’t win holidays as I don’t enter many except occasionally in me daughter or son’s name. I do, however, keep an eye out for them and refer the good ones to friends. Just recently I noticed quite a number of competitions promoting a new schedule of Carnival Legend cruises out of Sydney next summer. Most of them are closed now but there seems to always be a number of cruises up for grabs all through the year. A quick search through this site brought up Carnival Cruises ( that have a monthly draw to win a cruise with three friends. It could be worth checking out if a cruise would suit your holiday plans.
Aside from checking out and entering any of the holiday competitions on this website, if you are more of a landlubber and like train trips it is worth keeping an eye out for competitions run by Great Southern Railway ( They regularly offer prizes of trips on the Ghan. Also if you are a member of your state motorist association (NRMA in NSW or RACV in Victoria etc) always scan their monthly magazines for competitions and other offers. Then there are the motel and hotel chains, like Best Western ( and Hotel Club ( or camping and caravanning sites like BIG4 Holiday Parks (
Finally it makes sense to register with as many Tourism Organisations as possible. This might mean you will be bothered in your inbox from time to time but it could be worth it. I would subscribe to both Aussies ones (like or and anything overseas that takes your fancy.
One of the reasons I don’t enter many competitions with holiday prizes (apart from the fact that I am restricted with travel due to health issues) is that there is invariably only one prize – the main one. With so many people after a free holiday this means that there will be a huge number of entries especially if it is an easy entry and a random draw. Even if the entry does involve a bit of work, the chances of winning the main prize are a lot lower than other competitions with less interesting prizes but more of them.
However, I find the biggest drawback to winning a holiday is the fine print. Before entering one it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully. If you do win there are sometimes strict stipulations as to how you can take it and what exactly is included in the prize. Here is an example:-
“Money, transport to and from departure and arrival points, transfers, drinks, incidentals, mini-bar, laundry, room service, telephone calls, activities, gratuities, services charges, travel insurance, pre and post accommodation, optional activities or excursions and all other ancillary costs. A credit card imprint or cash deposit may be required from the winner at check-in to the hotel, for all incidental charges. Holidays are subject to flight and booking availabilities. Travel insurance is not included in the prize but is highly recommended”.
If the prize involves a trip outside Australia (even a cruise) you will need a passport and of course be available to take it before it expires. Most holiday and travel prizes are non-transferable or able to be exchanged for cash. A travel voucher may be a better option. So winning an unwanted holiday may not be as good as an unwanted car that you can sell but if you are always ready and willing to go why not give it your best shot.
I’m off now on a holiday myself. See you in a week or so!

A Birthday at My Local Club



It’s my birthday this month and I recently received a kind letter from my local RSL Club reminding me that I can swipe my membership card any time in July and receive $20 worth of food or beverages as a Birthday Gift. This will give me a free meal and I intend to use it on a Christmas in July Special for $19.95. Yum! I love freebies, especially ones that involve a good solid meal that I don’t have to cook.
In the past few years I have also received a number of gift vouchers and other restaurant deals in the mail for my birthday. Some I have used and others I have given away as I was not interested in the products they were promoting. So it seems that when we type our birthdays into the many forms when we enter competitions or go onto mailing lists (a task that is actually quite annoying most of the time) occasionally some good comes of it, eventually.
Anyway, back to my local club. After reading the letter it occurred to me that by spending so much time glued to our computer screens in search of good competitions and freebies we might be missing out on some treasures closer to home. Every Friday night while we raised our children my husband would disappear down to the local club for a few beers, but on more times than none, he would arrive home from the Friday Night Meat Raffle with a meat tray packed with enough meat, eggs and other goodies to feed the family for a week or two. The meat went straight into the freezer. It is one of my favourite memories from that time.
Aside from these regular meat raffles, many clubs also run seafood raffles, Easter raffles, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas toy raffles with plenty of prizes to keep everyone, including the kids, happy. My grandchildren have always benefited from these over the years.
After giving all this a little more thought, I decided it was time to look more closely at my local RSL Club’s latest newsletter. Here I found a lot of cash and goodies up for grabs. First of all – the Weekly Monster Meat Raffle with over $2,000 worth of meat and gourmet foods. Then there was a $10,000 Member’s Monthly Badge Draw each Thursday and Saturday Night (with the nearest pin getting at least $250). Draws like these means you actually have to be present when they are drawn but you never know! On Wednesday nights the club hosted Bingo with cash prizes including a Jackpot that can accumulate to $2,000. On top of that there was a regular Pool Comp (weekly prize $100) and a Trivia Night (lots of food and drink vouchers). So this leaves plenty to think about if there is a club like this near you.
Still on the subject of birthdays, my sister is also having a birthday this month and I just received a lovely music CD which will be perfect for a gift. My little granddaughter also turns two this month and over the last couple of months I have put together quite a collection of my wins for her – 2 Playschool DVDs, a Playschool Game and family tickets to their next concert as well as a gorgeous girlie-pink hoodie from a SurfStitch voucher. I also became a grand-aunty the other day so I am ready with some bits and pieces for the new bub and new mum too. So I am all set for July. August is the next month for a special birthday – my long-suffering hubbie, so I am on the lookout again for something to win for him. Just a few more wins of goodies for me would be nice too. You gotta love comping!

Kid’s Competitions



I grew up in the 50s and 60s addicted to all kinds of competitions (yes, I started early!). Back then there were colouring competitions, guessing competitions, raffles, lucky dips and ‘spot the difference’ competitions among many others (found especially at school and church fetes). My favourites were in the kids sections of the Sunday Papers. I would regularly send in drawings and poems and along with the occasional competition win I would accumulate points that could be exchanged for cash. It was my first foray into the world of competitions and publishing and a way to earn pocket money.
Kid’s competitions these days are far more sophisticated with much more exciting prizes than a few points or a pound or two. The first one I came across the other day, just after I started writing this was a full page advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Called litteBIGidea, it is being promoted by Origin Electricity as ‘The Big Competition for Innovative Kids’. Kids from grade three to eight are being encouraged to enter by coming up with a bright idea for the future in 200 words, supported by a drawing or video. What is most impressive about this particular competition is the prizes: three adventures to the NASA Space Centre in the USA as well as nine runner up prizes of $1000 education grants. On top of that the 12 finalists will receive a $4000 energy grant for their school and an educational conference prize for their teacher. This sure beats a jar of lollies!
After being rather amazed by this I started checking out some online kid’s competitions from some of the well known children’s magazines. Here are a few that I found:
1. K-Zone ( had quite a few competitions with some great prizes of toys, Smiggle Packs, books, vouchers and Play Stations. I had a quick look at the terms and conditions which stated that entrants had to be under 16, have their parent’s permission and all entries had to be the original work of the entrant. Pretty much the same stuff as for adult competitions.
2. At Total Girl ( there was a family holiday at a Big4 park, an X-Box, and a Lego Pack up for grabs with much the same conditions for entries as above.
3. At nickelodean ( there were competitions to win a family holiday at SeaWorld, ToysRUs vouchers and other prize packs. This site looked like a lot of fun too!
4. I found a rather obscure competition for kids at Beanie Kids ( where kids (divided into 4 different age groups) could win prizes of Beanie Packs by designing a bear onto a template provided on the site.
So it seems that, just like competitions for adults there are plenty to choose from for kids too. You can just google ‘kid’s competitions Australia’ and see what else comes up in your state.
Each week Take5 and That’s Life magazines have a few pages of puzzles for kids. The puzzles aren’t that hard (I am sure mum or dad are allowed to help. How would they know anyway?). You do have to mail the coupon with the answers into an address, so it will cost 70c to enter but that’s not much these days is it? The prizes are excellent too. In the latest issue of Take5 the prizes included a Sports Station, DVDs’ a Hot Wheels Pack, a Water Blaster and a Sleeping Bag. That’s Life ‘Kiduzzle’ pages featured prizes that included a Barbie Pack, a Simpson’s Trivia Pack and heaps of electronic games.
So if your kids are budding compers and it looks like later on in their lives they are going to take over from you, all these competitions are definitely worth a go!

Voting Competitions



I recently entered a Facebook competition by Marbig. I had to create a 50 character slogan to go onto a coffee mug. My entry was WHAT’S WITH THE SELFIE? GET A LIFE! The prize was a Nespresso Coffee Machine. I don’t even drink coffee but that’s what happens when you get serious about comping: it becomes just as addictive as coffee, sometimes more so. You know, how you just can’t start the day without a comping fix.
I can’t resist a competition especially a fun, creative one like this Marbig one. The only problem is – it’s a voting competition. This is fine for all those who have big families, very friendly neighbours and lots of Facebook and Twitter friends but alas…I don’t. Except for the friendly neighbours. I have quite a few. So if you are in the same boat as me I have put together a few suggestions to help you with entering voting competitions.
(1) Don’t enter them. There is nothing worse than being reminded that you have few online friends. Best avoid them if that is the case and you think you won’t be able to get enough votes. You definitely won’t win even with your most awesome entry ever, but at least you won’t have your ego dented.
(2) Check the terms and conditions and closing date before entering. This is always important but for voting competitions it is even more so you know how you can elicit votes, how long you have to get them in and so you don’t do anything that is seen to be cheating.
(3) Get all your family, neighbours and friends to vote. Obviously not all will be bothered to take the time to vote but some will. If you are really serious, don’t rely on the automatic procedure for the competition website or Facebook page to contact friends (that sometimes comes up when you enter asking for names and emails etc) because these emails might just be mistaken for spam and deleted by unsuspecting recipients. It is best to cut and paste the link to your entry into a personalised email to friends and family with any instructions on how to vote. The friends that do end up voting are probably those that are aware of your addiction or hope to gain one of your unwanted prizes some time in the future.
(4) It always pays to become active in comper forums. Start with the one here at When you are ready to seek votes simply click on the Voting Requests tab and ask the others. Keep your request warm and genuine and make sure you always vote for them in return – remember – it is a two-way street. By following posts in the forums and other chat sites you may also be alerted to other voting competitions to enter.
(5) Twitter and Facebook (and any other social media site you happen to be a member of). If you have heaps of online friends perhaps a proportion will vote if you ask nicely. Simply send out your link and a request. It’s always worth a try.
Hopefully the best and most reputable competitions will still have a prize allocated by a judge as well as for the number of public votes otherwise it wouldn’t be entirely fair, would it? One final word: it is still vital to create the best entry you can whether it is a selfie, another photo (of your children perhaps) or even something as absurd as a slogan on a coffee cup. Of course it may just be a matter of crossing your fingers, pretty much the same procedure as for all the other ones you entered that week. Then just wait and see what happens.

Ten Time-Taming Tips



If you are really serious about comping here are ten time-taming tips to get the most of every day. They are working for me!
1. Set aside a regular time slot every day that suits your lifestyle for finding and entering competitions. I check out as many as I can before breakfast, enter the easy ones and leave the more creative ones (that need awesome 25 WOL answers) for later in the day so I can think about my answers.
2. Always carry a small notebook with you at all times to scribble down random thoughts for your answers or to make a note of any competitions you come across in your daily travels. Like for example when you listen to the radio in the car or see something advertised on a billboard or if a friend mentions one in passing.
3. Make sure you register with and ‘like’ it on Facebook. That way you will be notified throughout the day of any new competitions that are listed.
4. While you are on Facebook, ‘like’ as many of your favourite brands, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores and other businesses as you can think of, especially those that might have products that you would really like to get hold of through a competition. My include Amaysim (my mobile phone carrier) and IGA Supermarkets (my local). You will be amazed at how many run regular competitions and you might as well be one of the first to know when they post them.
5. Set up a Google Alert with keywords such as ‘win’ or ‘competition’ or ‘free sample’ if you are into them as well. This will automatically filter and send a list of links with these keywords in them to you inbox each day. Not all of the links will be suitable competitions (especially in peak sports seasons) but some will. I found a competition on Kids Book Review this way (and actually won one of the books) and a competition run by the Perth Mint! It’s worth a try.
6. Set up an automatic ‘form filler’ – like Chrome AutoFill. This will save you time when it comes to filling out entry forms but always check the entry before you submit as forms vary with the information they collect and the structure they take. There is not much point going to all the trouble to enter competitions if the information you enter is wrong.
7. Use your regular weekly grocery shopping trip to look for competitions promoted through your local supermarket. Jot them down I your notebook or if the products that are being promoted are of use to you, buy them, keep the receipt and enter the comp. You might need your glasses if the terms and conditions are printed on the labels as the text can be very small.
8. Subscribe to any magazines that have regular competitions or puzzle pages with heaps of prizes. This saves a trip to the newsagent and you usually get a good discount when you subscribe.
9. Check in daily to the Forum and with friends (at least once a week) who also do comps and share ideas on competitions and answers. This is also very important when you need votes as well. It also makes it a lot more fun.
10. Remember to keep a track of the competitions you enter and your WOL answers (if applicable). If you win a prize (r if you just think your answers are awesome even though the judges didn’t agree with you) you can always re-cycle them with a few changes to reflect a new comp. This saves heaps of time thinking up a new one every time. If you also set up alerts on your phone (in your calendar with closing dates for your favourite comps) you are less likely to forget to enter them on time.

For A Good Cause



My neighbours arrived yesterday from an eight day cruise around the South Pacific. I was a bit envious but also surprised when they told me they were going the other week as I was fairly sure they could not really afford a holiday like that. At the time I asked no questions. It was only when they got back I discovered that they had won the trip (well, actually, they won a travel voucher that paid for the trip) at a Girls Night In fundraiser for breast cancer research.
I rarely buy raffle tickets fundraising money for charities but after hearing this I might start thinking about it. I occasionally buy tickets in a local raffle at Australia’s Largest Morning Tea, usually held around May held outside my local pharmacy. This also raises money for cancer research and although most of the prizes are small, it is always nice to win something! This year I might buy a few more tickets because, after all, it is money raised for a good cause. I can vouch for that as I have been through the breast cancer journey myself.
Fundraising raffles and sweepstakes often attract very generous donations of prizes from businesses. I am assuming that these businesses can use the donations as tax deductions as well as provide good promotion for their business. So I am now keeping a watchful eye open around my neighbourhood and in my local paper for any other fundraising competitions. I have noticed them being run by Lions Clubs and Rotary Clubs especially at key times of the year like Easter and Christmas. I am not so keen on the unsolicited calls from charities usually around dinner time looking to sell me raffle tickets. I usually decline them but maybe I should get a bit more interested and ask for more information and take a little more notice first.
I did a bit of internet surfing and found three large well promoted charity Art Unions and sweepsakes with a house or other large expensive prizes. Most of these have been running a long time. The RSL Art Union has been operating for over 52 years and helps to support Australia’s Veteran Community including ex-service men and women and their families. As they say in their promotions, “This is your chance to win a superb luxury prize home and many other prizes while supporting Australian War Veterans”.
Then there is the one held by the Surf Life Saving which is described as “a chance to win a new home! Or to design your own prize up to the value of the prize home on offer! That means you get to choose your prize from cars, luxury holidays, gold bullion and more! What a great way to win! Buying tickets in this lottery is helping the Surf Life Saving do whatever it takes to keep our beaches safe”.
Finally the Boys Town Art Union: “The purchase of a BoysTown Art Union ticket can provide the dream of a new life in a million dollar home, but more importantly, it provides hope for a brighter future to disadvantaged young Australians and their families. BoysTown runs 15 Art Unions each year – 10 Prize Home Draws and five Prestige Car Draws. For only $15 a ticket, each Prize Home Draw gives the chance to win a home in inner Sydney or Melbourne, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. First prize is always in excess of $1 million. A $10 ticket gives Prestige Car Draw supporters the chance to win luxury vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi. Our supporters help provide assistance to tens of thousands of young people in need”.
While I am not endorsing any of these Art Unions it is interesting to know what kinds of competitions that raise money for charities are out there. However I always favour the smaller local ones like the Mother’s Day or Father’s Day raffles at school or kindy or church which cost much less and being smaller probably have better chances of winning! And my entries as a form of a donation will hopefully go to a good cause.




I’ve been feeling a little bit tired lately so I think it might be time to take a break. In the meantime I am going to turn my attention to getting free samples and giveaways which are all in a good cause too – me! Since I started comping I have discovered how easy it is to get free samples and many of theses are disguised as prizes for competitions. Like the recent Burt’s Bees ‘competition’ that was actually a way of sending out hundreds of small samples of their products in return for a mailing list. I can’t complain as the sample I received – lemon butter cuticle cream – was a very good score.

Free samples and other free stuff are sometimes easier to score than prizes in competitions especially useful and motivating when going through a competition prize drought.  If you are interested in all kinds of freebies there are quite a few websites where, once registered you can receive samples to try and test on a fairly regular basis. The best Australian one I have found so far is Pinchme( I found this site mentioned in Money Magazine and registered straight away. I like it because it is local and since February I have received a toddler pull-up nappy and toddler formula (for my granddaughter), a lamb meal-base (yum), some small cereal samples, cat food (twice) and three tubes of hand cream. All that is required is a short survey on the product after you receive it. You even get points for participating and once you have reached a certain point level you go in a monthly draw for a shopping voucher and other rewards.

Also pretty good is Brand Power – Home Tester Club ( Through this site I have received a number of shampoo samples and five packets of dishwasher tablets. Again all you need to do after applying for and receiving your goodies is to fill out a small feedback survey.

Another site I discovered, Mouths of Mums ( is always on the look-out for product reviewers. Although I haven’t been able to score one yet, I have noticed beauty and skin care products, shavers, books, a washing machine, an air dryer and even a ten day test drive of a Citroen car.

On the forum the other day I discovered TotalTwaddle ( – thanks Schilders!). This is an English website but it has a forum with Australian and New Zealand links. You do have to register but it looks pretty good so far.

Another site to follow is the Coles Blog ( They regularly give away products. I received a dettol hand dispenser and refill pack today and a packet of fozen mxed berries as part of a recent giveaway.

There are also many businesses that happily send out samples as a matter of course in their marketing strategy. Just yesterday I got a packet of gluten free muesli and a small packet of Sustagen (I am pretty sure this one came through a radio station website but I can’t remember which one) in the mail. Many new businesses using Facebook and just getting started are especially keen to distribute freebies. Make sure you are registered with competition’s sister site to keep ahead of any of the free stuff that can be found on the internet from day to day. And check the Facebook page as well.

Don’t forget the obvious freebies such as free Wi Fi at your local library (I just head down there from time to time and download free books onto my tablet (which I got free through a NRMA promotion). Fast food outlet are always giving away free stuff with purchases and many restaurants and clubs give away a free bottle of wine or food voucher on your birthday (that is if they know it).

Finally, here are a couple of other sites worth checking out which may be able to get you started on your freebie collection. They are and perhaps The best thing is to just have fun.

Stay Tuned



Our television gave out a loud crackling noise the other day and then the screen went completely blank. In desperation, while it was being repaired we turned our digital radio on and tuned it to smoothfm 95.3 ( I was constantly amazed listening to callers ring in throughout the day trying to identify two voices (smooth stars express) in an attempt to win $10,000 cash. Wow!  I thought, that’s good money for a phone call.  As long as they had to get it right, mind you. But as the days went on more and more clues were given until one lucky listener won the prize.

That really got me thinking about radio competitions. Something I haven’t had much experience with but I am sure attracts quite a few people given the prizes! Rather than flip around from one station to another I let my fingers do the walking and turned to Google for help. After typing in “radio competitions Sydney” I found a number of current competitions each with an excellent prize pool. With so many of us glued to our computer screens or televisions we might actually be overlooking a treasure trove of prizes out there in radio-land.

My first port of call was to 702 ( I used to listen to this regularly but not so much lately. First I found the chance to win a double pass to an exclusive ABC preview of The Grand Budapest Hotel. On closer inspection of their website I also came across what appears to be a weekly photo challenge with presenter Robbie Buck on Friday mornings. Great one for those in Sydney that love to take pics! It didn’t mention the prizes apart from being named photo of the week so I might listen in next Friday and see.

I found another photo competition at 2UE ( through Mornings with Angela Catterns. To quote the website: ‘whether they’re newsworthy, funny, artistic or just have a special meaning to you, the best photo each day will win a $250 Harvey Norman voucher’. Harvey Norman appears to sponsor a number of photo competitions at the moment, obviously promoting their photo centre.

Over at 2CH (, it seems they are still running their ‘secret sound’ competition that I remember from many, many years ago. A new ‘secret sound’ began in February with a starting prize pool of $2000. This jackpots by $50 each week until a winner is found. The last one took a year to be identified so it doesn’t seem to be as easy or as lucrative as the smoothfm one.

I checked in at Nova 96.9 ( to see what other radio stations are offering at the moment. The Fitzy and Wippa Show between 6 – 9am on weekdays is looking for their funniest caller who each day will win a trip for 2 to Melbourne to attend the International Comedy Festival. This could be a great one for those who choose to look on the funny side of life.

It seems there are all kinds of prizes and experiences from cash to vouchers, trips to movie and theatre tickets as well as CDs and DVDs up for grabs just by staying tuned to the radio for a few hours each week. I even found a ‘giveaway’ of a Sustagen sample on one radio site and duly filled out the form. Why not?  I also decided to listen into the airwaves for a few months longer to see what else might be available.

Although these radio stations are Sydney-based and some of these competitions my not be running by the time this post goes live, it would not take too much effort to find out what other competitions and prizes radio stations in other states, especially in rural areas are offering at the moment. And these might just be the ones you are meant to win!

The Prize Pool



It’s been a bit quiet on the winning side for a few weeks so I thought I might ask myself a few questions. What are the prizes I would most like to win? Prizes are becoming (along with ease of entry) one of the main criteria I use to decide which competitions to enter and which ones to give a miss. There are so many prizes on offer every day. It is sometimes hard to choose which competitions to enter.

Travel prizes (or travel vouchers) for either local or overseas holidays or cruises or train trips or weekends away at five-star resorts or health spas and the like appear to be among the most prolific and popular prizes chosen by promoters to attract entrants to their competitions. While I would love to win any of these (especially the health spa ones as I need a bit of rejuvenating) unfortunately some health issues (that’s why I need that spa) prevent me from flying or travelling too far by car. So everyone out there has one less entrant to worry about. I do notice one thing about travel prizes and that is there is usually only one main prize winner and they are also very well publicised – so much harder to win than many of the others.

Cars are another popular prize but like holidays and other high-value prize there is usually one winner and it is probably not going to be me. I don’t drive anymore anyway, but of course I could always sell it.

At the other end of the prize pool spectrum are the many small less valuable prizes such as cosmetics, CDs, books, theatre and movie tickets, toys, kitchen utensils and other household goodies. They are much easier to win for a number of reasons. First, there are generally less entries as the prizes are not as exciting as a holiday or car. There are generally more of them to win with one entry, maybe 10 or 12 but some promoters like supermarket chains might have 50 or more to give away. Much better odds with these! I recently won a Totem Tennis Set which was one of 2000 prizes in conjunction with the Steggles promotion of Australian tennis. Not a great win but a perfect gift for my grandchildren next Christmas.

The majority of competitions have prizes that sit somewhere in the middle. Prizes such as BBQs, iphones, ipads, kitchen gadgets, shopping vouchers, bed linen, clothes etc will always come in handy to keep or to be put away and used for gifts. Shopping vouchers or preloaded Visa cards are my all time favourites as then I get to choose what to buy for myself (or I take us out to lunch for a treat!). I always love to win toys and books for my grandchildren and there are a multitude of websites with competitions for these, like Huggies, Kidspot and Mouths of Mums. I feel I will never need to buy a toy for a birthday or Christmas again!

My other favourite prizes are DVDs. When a new movie or TV series is released on DVD or BlueRay, heaps of websites use the promotion and give quite a number of them away. Beats buying them or renting them from my local video shop and I can always share them around with friends.

A couple of times I have had to chase up a prize like the other day when I sent an email to check if a prize – a yoghurt-making kit – had been despatched as I had not received it. A courteous person responded to my email saying it would probably arrive in a week or so. I thought that was very nice however it actually arrived with a courier today. On other occasions they have arrived unannounced. Along with this parcel came another one – a smaller one with a classical music CD inside from the ABC shop. It was a bit of a surprise as I can’t remember the competition and there was no letter inside. Still, it will make great listening in the afternoons while I take my regular nap.

So off for a snooze until I get some energy to enter a few more comps maybe with a monetary prize this time. That would always be nice!

Swimming In The iPool by JD Hancock

Attribution-NonCommercial License

Survey Says…



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    2. Select the “Take Survey” button to begin a survey
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    You could have paid surveys waiting for you now.
    We value your privacy. We will never pass your contact details to a third party without your permission. Your opinion counts; Your responses will be used by brands and researchers to help shape the products and services you use.
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  • You will be rewarded in “Comp Bux” our rewards system
  • Exchange Comp Bux for cash
  • 10,200 points = $100
  • Once your account reaches more than $30 you can request to be paid
  • Receive payment as a direct deposit into your bank account
  • You will be told the amount of points rewarded and the estimated length of the survey at the beginning of each survey
  • You will receive the points for completing the survey
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