Zen and the Art of Day-to-Day Comping



It was roughly a year and a half ago that I came up with the bright, if not slightly insane, idea of writing this weekly blog. And so, it began and continues. Although I have been entering competitions (or ‘comping’) for most of my life, it has only been fairly recently that I decided to take it more seriously when I found I had more time on my hands. However as serious as it has been over this last year or so, it has also been heaps of fun and I still get a real buzz when the prizes arrive at my door. It keeps me going.

Some people think I am a little crazy but it does pay to be at least a little crazy especially when putting together those ubiquitous 25 words or less answers to some pretty weird questions. As crazy as I might seem to others, I can only say that it is not only the prizes that attract me (although they are always welcomed and often gifted on) it is also the creative challenges that keep me engaged.

Comping can be additive but it is also immensely enjoyable, social and rewarding as long as you are not disappointed and put off too soon when you realise that it is actually quite difficult to win that overseas holiday you have always dreamed of winning or that new car (but many people do win theses so there is always hope and it pays to be persistent). If you read through the blogs and on the forum you will find it is quite possible and often easier than you might think to win all kinds of things, not to mention the occasional weekend away or restaurant voucher even if you don’t win your dream prize. Then there are all the freebies and the cash from doing regular surveys you can also get if you play your cards right.

I am by no means an expert although I can confess to winning the average of at least one prize a week. But comping is not always about the number of wins: it is about the fun and the challenge. Over the last year or so I have taken a good look at all the ins and outs of comping from various perspectives, had a go at analysing it as much as I could and have tried to come up with as many ideas, contacts, hints and tips as I could fit into my regular blog. I love helping others get started in this fabulous hobby (or lifestyle as some of my comping friends would call it).

If there were just a few things I could write here to sum up what I feel is the best  approach to comping it would be these:-

Be Patient but Persisitant. Approach your comping with patience but it will also be your persistence that will keep you going and in the end, lead to success (keeping in mind that what one person regards as success may be quite different to another).

Be Kind to Others. Just like any hobby, comping is more satisfying and stimulating when you can share your adventure with others – your wins and your disappointments. If you are seriously into comping you might be a little competitive but it will be your kindness and respect for other compers that will enable you to get the most out of it.

Always Thank the Sponsors. If you can get the opportunity this is not only a sign of courtesy but it can pay off in the long run (good karma?). 

Respect the Rules and Enjoy the Ride. Finally, there is no guarantee that you will win a prize no matter how many competitions you enter but the more you learn about comping the more chance you will have. Respecting the rules of competitions is vitally important but even more important, though, is to have fun, be brave, try something a little more creative each time and enjoy the ride….

Photo attribution – Timtak

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