You Can Call Yourself a Comper…



You can call yourself a comper if… 

–         you can happily skip your morning coffee but you can’t start the day without checking out the latest competitions on your favourite website

–         the words ‘win’ and ‘congratulations’ set your heart aflutter

–         you don’t like weekends as there is no post

–         you like Mondays as the post resumes

–         your shopping trolley is filled with all kinds of obscure products all with WIN somewhere on their packaging

–         you carefully place all your shopping dockets and receipts neatly in a box marked ‘proof of purchase’

–         you put off buying something you need just in case you win one

–         you check your calendar regularly for the closing dates of the very best competitions

–         your inbox is starting to fill with a lot of spam 

You are truly addicted to comping when…

–         you keep your passport up-to-date just in case you win that overseas trip you have always dreamed about

–         your husband thinks you are having an affair with the postman

–         you keep a notebook and pen by the bed in case you think of that great 25 words or less answer in the middle of the night

–         your friends stop calling because they are sick of you telling them about all the prizes your have won

–         you have a special box filled with potential presents for the next round of family birthdays and Christmas

–         you rush to your email inbox as soon as you get home to check if you have won anything

–         Facebook friends start un-friending you because of the all competitions you have to ‘share’

Only a comper understands…

–         what WOL means

–         the anxious wait for a prize you won a few weeks earlier

–         that putting 25 words together creatively can be such a challenge

–         the RSI in your wrist from filling out hundreds of entry forms

–         the pain of an empty mailbox

The freeloader in you has been activated when…

–         your kitchen cupboard is filled with samples of new grocery items

–         your bathroom cupboard is filled with samples of new cosmetic items

–         your desk draw is full of free pens and scribble pads

–         you can’t resist the sign ‘buy one and get one free’

–         the word ‘free’ sets your heart aflutter

You need to take a break when…

–         you are prepared to wade through pages and pages of fine print of the terms and conditions for a very minor prize

–         your children start asking you to get off the computer and take them to the park and you think you might have forgotten where the park is

–         your partner threatens to leave you

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