Winning Ways



“Whenever you wan to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed?.
Paul Coelho

Like any job, hobby, sport or project to achieve the best results it is imperative to throw yourself wholeheartedly into it and stay focused. This is easier for some than others depending on other commitments but it is definitely true. It is not so much the amount of time spent on it (although it does help) it is more about the commitment. To win the sort of prizes you are after you need to focus on:-
1. The particular types of competitions with the prizes you are after
2. Putting together the best entry you can by taking time to think about your answer and always giving it your best shot
3. Not giving up too soon as everything takes time and your skills will get better the more you try (and don’t forget there is always that element of luck in it)

“We’re so busy watching out what’s just ahead of us, that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are?.
Bill Waterson

If anything, no matter how great is was when it started, becomes a chore and you are not getting any joy out of it, there is little chance of success. Your comping efforts need to be fun, you must enjoy it or it is not going to happen for you. To enjoy yourself:-
1. Choose competitions that are fun to enter. More and more Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other online competitions are becoming fun to enter. The best ones involve all kinds of games, quizzes or uploading funny photos, creative comments or jokes.
2. Ask yourself occasionally “am I still enjoying this?
? If not, take a well earned break.
3. Treasure your prizes and wins. Pat yourself on the back for such a good effort that was obviously rewarded.

“Sharing is good and with digital technology, sharing is easy?.
Richard Stallman

There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing your fun. Doing anything as part of a group enhances the pleasure but also enables you to learn tricks and tips form other like-minded people. To share your fun:-
1. Join comping forums and post your wins on your Facebook or Instagram Pages or other social media websites.
2. Why not set up your own Comping Club with friends, family and neighbours. Maybe you could meet up once a month or so and share ideas, competitions and celebrate each other’s wins.
3. Use your prizes as gifts and presents for friends and family. Not only will this save you a heap of money (as long as you are winning) but it is a great way of sharing and using your comping skills.

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