Winners are Grinners



Winning is fun! That’s why we all enjoy it so much (well, most of the time anyway). However, occasionally when we get a bit carried away we forget to make a note of the competitions we enter and miss out on the prizes because we haven’t checked back to the announcement of the winners to claim them. It happened to me a couple of times last year. The situation improved when I joined with a few other compers through the Forum and we all watched out for each other’s names.

This particular problem seems to occur mostly with competitions run through Facebook. I don’t think it is fair but it seems that Facebook competition promoters are either unwilling (or unable) to contact winners and therefore expect winners to contact them via a private message! That is alright if it is easy to check back on the right day, at the right time when any announcements are made and sometimes it is not.

Well, there is now one handy solution to this problem that may help to right this wrong. I actually came across the idea the other week on a UK site – a Facebook Winners Page – a group that shares winning notifications. I thought it was a great idea at the time and it seems someone else in Australia thought the same. So, low and behold, I then discovered Competition Winners Australia – – born only a couple of weeks ago.

Competition Winners Australia is described as is the place to search for any wins in Facebook competitions. The idea is to join the group and add any winning lists or announcements you see in your news feed so everyone in the group can search for their name. Facebook competition announcements are often missed, and the group has been set up to help everyone find and claim their prizes but it is dependent on members posting and tagging for everyone’s benefit. Members can help other members by tagging the winning names in a post or as a comment. If they are a group member or even a friend of a member, they will get a notification.

It is recommended you turn off notifications from this group so you don’t get bombarded with too many notifications in your email. In addition it is suggested that members only post text or post the winning announcement link and the winners name in text in the comments (if possible). You can also search the group for posts at the top right (where you see a magnifying glass) by typing in your name but please note, this will only search text posted in the group, but not text in shared links, so it is best to type winning names as much as possible. You can also search photos. After you are a member – get everyone you know – family, friends and friends of friends – who are into comping to join too.


1. You must only post winner announcements. However you can congratulate and tag others in the comments if you like.

2. You mustn’t post announcements where you are the only winner

3. If your Facebook profile states you live outside Australia, you have more than one Facebook Account or you have been on Facebook less than a month, or if you look dodgy, do something suspicious or against Facebook rules  – you will not be approved by the Administrator or may be deleted at any time.

If you are very serious about looking for your wins, you can also try social search with google. Just type your name into a search engine at and it will search through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You never know what you might find!


How do you tell a comper in a crowded shopping centre?

They’re the one standing in a post office queue with a parcel notice in their hand and a big grin on their face!

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