The worst advice about competitions you should never listen to

There are always going to be negative people who don’t understand the compers life and they always seem to be the ones who are the least experienced when it comes to competitions and yet they act like they’re experts! Here’s the advice that those people say and why you should never listen to them!

  • Don’t bother, there’s too much competition.

Actually the odds are 1 in a thousand for most competitions, depending on the prize. The more effort involved the less competition you have. The odds are better than if you bought a tatslotto ticket!

  • You can’t win a 25 word or less competition unless you have a sob story

Not true! 25 word or less competitions are a game of skill. Creativity wins not your circumstances.

  • Contact the promoters or judges

This is a big no, unless of course you have a genuine question. People often think the only way they can win is if they game the system somehow. Play by the rules and nobody wants an annoying busy body to be the winner anyway.

  • Steal a winning 25 word or less answer from another competition

We’ve all seen winning answers floating around but don’t steal them for yourself! Firstly, once you submit an answer and win it’s owned by the promoter. Secondly, wouldn’t you want to win fair and square and have the satisfaction of winning with your own brain and creativity. I do!


Often people have the best intentions and all it takes is one bad of piece of advice to throw you off. Just keep entering and don’t listen to anyone!





Nicole is a writer, blogger and long time comper with her debut novel Confessions of a Comperholic due for release at the end of the year. You can find her at

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  1. Fourleaf

    Thanks again @LuckyNicky, great advice. I don’t give up and always try to keep a positive attitude and determination. Like to try all types of comps but I prioritise what to enter first to the ones I like the best. More effective time wise and I think there’s a better chance of winning for me that way because I like creativity. 

    I love entering 25 WOLs but it’s really disappointing seeing someone copying your answer further down a FB page for example. Three times I’ve shared a multiple prize comp on FB with someone who’s copied my unique answer that’s only had a couple of words changed, in one case a direct copy and paste.

    I never go into sob stories,and if I see them find them really sad so I can imagine how the judges feel after reading 100s of them! Mother’s Day comps are full of them (shudder) and I’m sure not all Mum’s are housewives who’ve experienced hard times raising 10 children. (Ok..I know there are real cases though). What about Mums who’ve had great careers or Mums who have done some really positive things! I try to keep the answers unique and a little upbeat. If you have a chance I’d like to see an article or some advice on how to get the best out of comping time. Some days I only have a couple of hours if that…any hints would be appreciated. 🙂

    • Hi Fourleaf. Thanks for the comment. It’s especially hard with social media competitions now and people gaming the system. Will work on an article next month about time and productivity!

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