The Pros and Cons of Winning a Holiday



Wining a holiday is often the biggest dream of the comper but have you ever thought about all the pro’s and con’s if you actually did win? The dream is often not like the reality. There’s Family and friends who might get offended if you don’t take them and travel dates to work with. Winning a holiday can often put you in a comping pickle so here are the pros and cons of winning a holiday:


Pros of Winning a Holiday:

  • Opportunity to visit an exotic location you would never have booked yourself.
  • Airports! It’s always exciting at the airport and it’s all free from your comping efforts.
  • Stay in a luxury hotel you probably would never of never have paid for yourself. Winning a trip where the accommodation has already been decided is a great excuse to stay somewhere luxurious.
  • Give the travel agency your frequent flyer numbers when they book and your next holiday will be all sorted.
  • Show off to colleagues you don’t like. Who doesn’t like boasting and sending postcards to the office.
  • Tailoring your win and adding an extra leg on to your trip. If you’re in Europe or America, why not add on a trip to Paris or New York?
  • Leaving the kids behind! Most competitions for holidays are for two people only (This could be a con depending on the individual).


Cons of Winning a Holiday:

  • Sometimes expenses are included but if not you could be out of pocket by thousands depending on where you go.
  • Picking who to go with. Choices. Choices.
  • Yes, people will be jealous and envy you but do try and enjoy regardless.
  • Check the terms and conditions as some competitions specify you can only travel during a particular date (low season) which could mean cold weather or an inconvenient time of the year.
  • Annual Leave. When you’ve won a holiday you may have to use saved up annual leave unexpectedly.
  • Travel insurance. Hidden costs like travel insurance are usually the winner’s responsibility.
  • Travel Agencies and PA’s. Emails, phone calls, dates, flights, passports, visas, need we say more.
  • What do you do if you’re disappointed with your prize or you don’t get what you’ve won?


Winning a holiday can be one of the biggest thrills of your life but it can also be filled with many problems. Take the chance if you think it’s worth it and comp your way outta here!

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