The Must Do’s for Winning a Store Competition



Store competitions are one of the best competitions to enter for a comper. They require a little effort so entries tend to be less competitive. The easier the competition the more entries there are.  Store competitions include any competitions where you have to go to the store and buy a product. They’re usually supermarkets and chemists that run these types of competitions but can also be clothes stores or markets. Almost always a purchase is required.

So if you haven’t bothered or think they are too much effort, think again! You need to get your entries in at your local supermarket or chemist! Here are the must do’s for winning a store competition:


  • Keep your receipts! Proof of purchase is nearly always required. Tip: Keep receipts 6 months as sometimes there is a second chance draw down the track.
  • Check if you need barcodes of products and staple them to your receipts.
  • Get organized. Keeping receipts and barcodes can get messy and because promoters don’t notify you if you haven’t won you’ll need a system. Tip: Keep a copy of the entry form so you know when the winner was drawn and discard when it’s been a couple of months after the draw date.
  • Read the terms and conditions. There might be specific instructions you have to follow, for example you might have to buy more than one product in one transaction.
  • Don get nasty or greedy and hide entry forms at supermarkets or buy the whole shelf out. You’ll attract bad comping karma.
  • Stick to your budget. If you have a tight budget at the supermarket (who doesn’t) don’t blow it buying cat food when you don’t have a cat.
  • Reduce your comping footprint. Try not to buy too much useless food or products, better yet give away what you don’t need to charity.
  • Don’t try to game the system which is hard to do now because of online entry forms but if you find a loophole like a made up receipt number or barcode you can enter, don’t be tempted!


Shopping just got a whole lot of fun when you see an amazing competition to enter. Follow the rules above and you’re sure to win!

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