The art of the Christmas Jingle



It’s that time of year again. No, it’s not the worst time of year (New Years) it’s Christmas! As things start to wind down you should have more time to enter competitions and when everything turns a shade of red and green, you can finally get all Christmasy. The dreaded 25 word or less answer can become fun this time of year! Don’t believe me just check out all the words you can use:


Festive Saint Nick Presents
Ivy Santa Claus Tidings
Red / Green Toboggan Party
Rudolph Toys Pudding
Reindeer Turkey Spirit
Snowman Tree Fireplace
Unwrap Joyful Barbecue
Carols Bells Angel
Chimney Family Elf
Christmas Eve Gifts Gingerbread
Kris Kringle Kings Holiday
Holly Hope Mistletoe
Greetings Cookie Decorations
Gold Snowflake Wrap
Tinsel Wreath Xmas


And look at some rhyming combos here:

  • Kringle, jingle, mingle, tingle
  • Tinsel, angle, amble, bustle, fizzle, fateful
  • Reindeer, same year, reign in, came in, sleigh in
  • Kings, sings, stings, wins
  • Wrap, map, crap, unwrap, tit for tat, night cap, bootstrap, love trap


The combinations are endless at Christmas which is why he is the best time to get creative. The judges will love you for it and try to rhyme and include the promoter. Jingle all the way to a win compers!

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