Second Chance Draws and what you need to know



I don’t know about you but when I see a competition has a second chance draw, yes! More chances to win. And I know many compers who have won prizes just with a second chance draw. So here what you need to know about second chance draws:


 Why do Completions have second chance draws?

  • The winner cannot be contacted
  • The winner cannot provide proof of purchase with a receipt or barcode
  • The winner cannot provide winning token to the promoter
  • The winner did not fulfil all his/her requirements in the terms and conditions
  • Prize has been forfeited

How to prepare for a second chance draw

Firstly, a competition is never really over until the winner receives their prize. The most common reason a second chance draw is taking place is because the winner cannot provide proof of purchase. This can be either a receipt, barcode or both. It’s also highly possible the product wasn’t bought at the right store or within the competition period as stated in the terms and conditions. We’ve all been there, it’s sometimes just an accident by the comper. Whatever the reason, the best way to prepare for a second chance draw is to keep all your receipts, tokens, barcodes and more!

Keep all competition related receipts and documents for a minimum of 6 months as sometimes second chance draws are conducted months after the competition has closed. This way you will be fully prepared when or if the time comes and avoid disappointment as another winner will picked after you.

Second chance draws are a compers dream because they are just that- a second chance!

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