Prizewinning Pets



I just entered a photo of my chubby, tabby cat, Bondi into a Whiskas Big Cat Facebook Competition. It has 5 prizes of $5,000 so definitely worth a try. I know she won’t win it though because it is a voting competition and I don’t have that many Facebook (or other) friends. If you have a pretty or amusing cat photo there is still time to enter at – – as it doesn’t close until 2nd September. I entered it just for fun. However when I got to the end of the entry form it asked if I would like a free sample of cat food, so of course I clicked ‘yes’ and promptly entered my postal address. Actually, I already seem to be on quite a few pet food mailing lists because I often get samples of cat food (and dog food) in the mail. Bondi is a very fussy eater so if I think she won’t touch it I take it around to my local vet where it is well received and I get a few brownie points for my donation. Over the last six months I have received samples and vouchers from Whiskas, Purina, Royal Canin and some others I can’t remember.

Competitions involving pets seem to be on the rise (although they fluctuate through the year), especially on Facebook and Instagram and at pet food outlets and through online pet supply websites. I did a quick Google search and came up with a few. I found:-

  1. Rate My Pet– Lifestyle Channel runs this photo voting competition in conjunction with Minipet with a weekly prize of a $250 voucher. T
  2. Love That Pet – offers a monthly prize of a $100 voucher for the most creative photo entry. The only issue is that you need to make a purchase through their website first.

     Village Vets Australia is hosting another Lifestyle Channel competition where each week a selection of animal photos and stories of the animals for a chance to win money. If you are interested so to but be quick as it closes on the 28th August. It also pays to keep an eye out in your local pet supply store when you are picking up bits and pieces and on the packaging of pet foods if you buy them in your local supermarket. When you notice any signs or packaging with ‘win’ or ‘competition’ on them, it’s time to act!  Of course if you have a very serious relationship with your pet and would like to attend the Pet Expo 2014 it is being held on the 10th and 11th October at TechnologyPark, Redfern Sydney. As this is by and large a trade show I would more than likely bet there will be lots of sample give-ways and competitions for visitors.

And finally to some magazines. Pets Magazine published by Universal Magazines is very likely to run a Christmas competition (a little bird alerted me – so keep a lookout). The two most popular real life weekly magazines often pay for interesting or amusing photos of pets. That’s Life has a Pet’s Pinups page where they pay $50 per photo published. Send your photos to: 5 also has a pet page, Animal Crackers where thy pay $25 for a published photo. Send to: Last of all, quite by chance I came across a note in a copy of Readers Digest which noted that they will pay up to $100 for an interesting (300word) story involving a pet. Maybe your pet can help pay for their keep a little. Fingers Crossed.

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