Pressure, Jobs, Stress and Winning



I recently just started a new job. It’s a marketing and operations role. I’ve gone from working part-time and having oodles of time to pursue all my hobbies to getting home around dinner time and being too mentally tired to deal with anything. I know it’s just a phase and I will eventually get my energy back but the truth is I’m glad this newfound pressure and stress has come into my life.


My family were always nagging me that I’ve haven’t won anything lately and I was endlessly complaining about my bad habits. Habits that would include procrastinating and watching all my favourite T.V shows.


You see I was getting just a little bit lazy. Sure I entered competitions and wrote a blog post or two but I wasn’t really utilizing my time properly. I wasn’t winning….at anything. I fell into lazy habits. Productivity was a weird far away place I just couldn’t get to.


Now I really value a spare fifteen minutes or two. I try to squeeze in a few comps on the train. I push myself to think when I don’t want to. I try and think of a killer 25WOL even when I don’t feel like it.


It’s been exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stress and pressure can be a good thing and when embraced they make things happen. They force you to think creatively on the spot. Get more things done. Live life to the fullest.


So if you are thinking ‘If only I had more time then maybe I could enter and win more’, its how you use your time that matters.


It’s been a pretty full on two weeks. I wouldn’t expect anything less. When you start a new job there are so may new ‘things’ to remember and peoples names (which I’m terrible at). I know I will eventually work out some sort of balance out but at the moment I feel like I’m living my best life. Like I’m finally winning.

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