15 Inspiring Quotes on Luck



Do you believe in luck? Your answer might be clear-cut or on a scale. This post is for the believers and non-believers out there or maybe you just need some inspiration. Either way you need this post! Here are 15 Inspiring Quotes on Luck:


‘Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.’ – Lucius Annaeus Seneca


‘Luck is believing you’re lucky.’ – Tennessee Williams


‘Diligence is the mother of good luck.’ – Benjamin Franklin


‘Good luck has its storms.’ – George Lucas


‘To the soldier, luck is merely another word for skill.’ – Patrick MacGill
‘In short, Luck’s always to blame.’ – Jean de La Fontaine


‘You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.’ – CormacMcCarthyNo Country For Old Men


‘The sun doesn’t just hang on one family’s tree’
― Anchee MinEmpress Orchid


‘Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.’
― Ralph Waldo Emerson


‘I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it’
― Thomas Jefferson


‘Life is full of luck, like getting dealt a good hand, or simply by being in the right place at the right time. Some people get luck handed to them, a second chance, a save. It can happen heroically, or by a simple coincidence , but there are those who don’t get luck on a shiny platter, who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, who don’t get saved.’
― Jessica SorensenThe Coincidence of Callie & Kayden


‘Luck has a way of evaporating when you lean on it.’
― Brandon MullKeys to the Demon Prison


‘Here’s the thing about luck…you don’t know if it’s good or bad until you have some perspective.’
― Alice Hoffman,


‘Luck always seems like it belongs to someone else.’
― David LevienCity of the Sun


‘Luck?” Drizzt replied. “Perhaps. But more often, I dare to say, luck is simply the advantage a true warrior gains in excuting the correct course of action.’
― R.A. SalvatoreThe Halfling’s Gem

Top Tips to get Votes in a Voting Competition



I love watching voting competitions but I cant help but wonder how did they get so many votes? And more importantly how can I get in on these voting competitions and ultimately win! If you feel the same way as I do, I think you’ll like this post. Some of these strategies to get votes are a little unconventional but then again unconventional and thinking outside the box is sure to get you a prize or two? So here are my Top Tips for Getting Votes in a Voting Competition:


  1. Utilise you’re Competition Club’s Community. Ask for votes in forums and if you’re really serious you can giveaway a small prize if people vote for you.
  2. Social Media. Ask everyone you know in your social and family circles to vote for you. Make sure to send the link and clear instructions. You can run a Facebook Ad Campaign for a small fee to get people to vote for you. Facebook groups can be great exposure but be careful what you post, because you might kicked out of a group.
  3. Have a plan. Makes sure you start early in the game. If you blow your competition out of the water right from the start, allot of people will drop out and quit the race plus other potential voters will see you at the top and vote for you.
  4. Email Contacts. There are potentially 30+ people in your inbox who you are not ‘friends’ with but have emailed in the past. Send a polite ‘How are you?’ and go for the kill at the end ‘Please vote for me!’ but try not to come off desperate.
  5. Letter drop. If you have the time, print off heaps of flyers and drop them into neighbours mailboxes. Make sure to put any prizes or incentives on the flyer if your neighbours should vote for you. You’d be surprised how your local community will rally around you.
  6. Depending on your workplace, send out a short email to your work colleagues and get your workplace behind you. Seek out people who have access to larger mail groups in the Organisation and get them to send a short note.
  7. Get behind other Voting Competitions. Befriending people from other voting competitions is a great way to cross-pollinate voters. Just make sure its not the same competition you’re in!


Voting competitions can be great fun and interactive for everyone involved. Watching your name go up the Winners Board would be exhilarating and all so worth it when the prizes are big and life changing! Good luck and get voting!

Why you need to read the Terms and Conditions



The terms and conditions page is often the most overlooked part of entering a competition. The dream of winning a fabulous prize can be intoxicating, thrilling and blinding, all at the same time. The consequences of not looking at the fine print at it’s worst, can be devastating. Prizes have known to be forfeited or just plain disappointing. Sometimes the reality is nothing like the dream.

But If you’re not reading the terms and conditions of a competition, you should be and here’s why:


Competition Open and Close date

The most important clause in a terms and conditions document is the opening and closing date of a competition. Simply put, any entries received before or after these dates won’t be accepted so get the dates right and get your entries in on time.


Receipts and Barcodes

Its always a good idea to keep receipts for store competitions but its even better when you check what exactly you need to keep. Barcodes of products might be required so double check what you need. Sometimes promoters will have a second chance draw and you will have to provide a receipt and prove your purchase so always keep receipts for at least 3 months after the draw date.


Media Obligations

It’s terrifying to think but some promoters require a picture , video or interview of the winner. Only enter if you’re prepared to go through with any media commitments with the promoter, if you should win.


Travel Dates

Make sure to check if there are certain dates you must travel within. It would be devastating to win a Round the World Trip only to find out you can only travel in December when its the only time of the year you cant take off. Other conditions might be accommodation only, no flights and any cash won might come in the form of a cheque or cash passport. Its good to know where you stand if you win.


Country, State & Age

Most competitions in Australia are for Australian and New Zealand residents so you don’t have anything to worry about.  But some competitions will stipulate residents of a specific state an only enter. If the competition is only for people who reside in NSW and you live in Perth, you cant enter so double check you satisfy all the requirements. If it’s a kids competition and you want to enter and you are not under the age 12, you can’t enter so don’t even try. If the prize is for a seniors cruise, think twice before you enter.


Many things are can be and will be hidden in the terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to check and read them carefully. It’s easy to skim over, enter and forget. If you’re unsure call or email the promoter. Prevent winners regret and read the terms and conditions!


Now over to you…

What’s been your experience with the terms and conditions of a competition?

Leap ahead and Win this Leap Year



What have you been doing on this extra day of the year? To be honest I’ve never really thought about leap years. don’t know anybody who’s birthday falls on the 29thFebruary. But this year I have noticed allot of new articles about this year and so I couldn’t resist to also write about the impending extra time we have. And when you think about it, it is a special year. Every four years we get an extra day in February. That is, we get an extra day to get things done, be more productive and of course enter more competitions. We get extra luck sprinkled upon us.


If you’re forever complaining about the lack of time and trying to win the war of winning, this year is your year! Here’s a plan to pivot and change strategies. Lets tip the odds in our favour. Lets leap ahead this leap year and start winning at everything!


  • Become an amateur photographer in your spare time. Have you noticed all the competitions now where they want you to take a photo to win. I know it’s a pain but these are the competitions that have really good odds because of exactly that, nobody likes to enter these competitions. Start taking pictures of pets, products and whatever is required. If you step outside your comfort zone, new possibilities will appear.
  • Enter small competitions with lower prize values. Allot of people avoid these competitions. Most people want to win big so they don’t bother with the little prizes. But since you’re leaping ahead of the pack, you’re going to be in everything and small prizes can add up to be big prizes.
  • Enter more creative competitions. Yes, the dreaded 25 word or less answer doesn’t have to be a mystery. Research what other people have used to win competitions. Master the rhyme and the one liner and you’ll get better over time. If you can enter more than once, come up with three answers. Challenge yourself and a win is sure to show up.
  • Become a social media guru. Companies will now have competitions just on social media. Gone are the days where they just had a quick and easy form on their website. Share and get bonus entries plus sign up for more social media accounts so you enter even more comps. Twitter is not scary. Try it and find out.

This year you will be miles ahead of the competition by simply tweaking your strategy. By getting more creative and entering all those competitions you wouldn’t normally enter, you make a quantum leap towards the prizes you want. Rewards are sure to come knocking on your door.

The day I changed sides and became a promoter



As a seasoned comper, I never thought I would see the day. I’ve been in a competition club since 2009 and if someone had said to me you’re going to run competitions yourself one day, I would of said ‘No Way!’. How things have changed. In 2009 I was just starting my writing journey. I was a baby writer, well actually I’m still a baby writer. Don’t tell anyone or they might find out.


Now in 2016 I’m now proud to say I have a blog, a healthy email list and have a few self-published books under my belt. One of the greatest tools I’ve used to grow my subscriber email list has been competitions. As a writer it’s a great way to get your work out there, create some buzz and of course make someone happy when you give away a prize or two.


Being a promoter makes you feel like a god. When I look at my giant spreadsheet, I know the power I have in that moment. I will make someone’s day. The thrill they will get when they see a ‘congratulations’ in their inbox makes me chuckle.


My recent competition was to giveaway one of my colouring books. When I picked the winners on a Sunday afternoon I immediately emailed them and all emailed me back straight away.  I only wish I could of seen their reactions. Of course we are only talking about book giveaways here. No round the world holidays here. But I’ve also read stories of people who were desperate for anything. They would of settled on winning a wooden spoon. They just wanted something positive to happen in their lives. I only wish I could giveaway more but I know a book can change peoples lives too.


I must admit I do like being a promoter but nothing compares to the satisfaction of entering competitions. I Personally prefer the unknown factor. When you’re a promoter there is the surprise of not knowing who is going to win but it doesn’t last long as you have to eventually pick the winner. When you enter a competition there is the complete unknown of what is going to happen. You might win, become a runner up or nobody contacts you at all. Most of the time you don’t really know what happens. Unknowns are mysteries.


So you’re probably thinking has she jumped ship? Am I a promoter who is no longer a comper. Not in your life. As a writer the dream is always to be on some perpetual holiday with your laptop typing away. Sailing the seas on a Cruise ship, one hand holding a margarita, the other a novel by Hemmingway. So you see I have to keep going. I will continue to use competitions to giveaway my work and I’ll keep entering to tempt lady luck.

Pressure, Jobs, Stress and Winning



I recently just started a new job. It’s a marketing and operations role. I’ve gone from working part-time and having oodles of time to pursue all my hobbies to getting home around dinner time and being too mentally tired to deal with anything. I know it’s just a phase and I will eventually get my energy back but the truth is I’m glad this newfound pressure and stress has come into my life.


My family were always nagging me that I’ve haven’t won anything lately and I was endlessly complaining about my bad habits. Habits that would include procrastinating and watching all my favourite T.V shows.


You see I was getting just a little bit lazy. Sure I entered competitions and wrote a blog post or two but I wasn’t really utilizing my time properly. I wasn’t winning….at anything. I fell into lazy habits. Productivity was a weird far away place I just couldn’t get to.


Now I really value a spare fifteen minutes or two. I try to squeeze in a few comps on the train. I push myself to think when I don’t want to. I try and think of a killer 25WOL even when I don’t feel like it.


It’s been exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stress and pressure can be a good thing and when embraced they make things happen. They force you to think creatively on the spot. Get more things done. Live life to the fullest.


So if you are thinking ‘If only I had more time then maybe I could enter and win more’, its how you use your time that matters.


It’s been a pretty full on two weeks. I wouldn’t expect anything less. When you start a new job there are so may new ‘things’ to remember and peoples names (which I’m terrible at). I know I will eventually work out some sort of balance out but at the moment I feel like I’m living my best life. Like I’m finally winning.

Competitions for the Newbie or Pro



I recently went on a competition binge. I decided I was going to find all the competitions that had cash prizes and were easy to enter. I hadn’t entered in a while so there were a few. Then that feeling came over me. You know the one where you’ve had a great productive comping day and the possibilities seem endless. The universe could  and will deliver a prize in approximately 30 days or so. Optimistic? Yes optimism is my new 2016 mantra.


This got me thinking. Easy competitions are the way to go if you’re a newbie. For the Pro’s if you’re rusty it can be just what you need to get you entering again.


So maybe you’ve just joined and you don’t know where to start or maybe you’re an experienced comper and you just want to enter easy comps. Here’s what you should be looking for:


Easy Web Entry Competitions

These are my favourite. A form that can be auto filled quickly and a few clicks then I’m in. If you find allot in a row, its like hitting the jackpot over and over. You’ll move like the speed of light through them.


SMS Competitions

I also love these comps and how easy it is now to copy and paste my info into multiple messages. But be warned they can cost a premium and are highly addicting so stick to your budget. SMS competitions are also convenient, they can be done anywhere you just need your phone. When I hear those �?bells’ that I’m now in for a chance my heart sings.


Multiple Prize Competitions

Find competitions with lots and lots of prizes. Grand prizes are great there’s no doubt but I’ll also settle for a double pass to something. Any prize is better than nothing.


Daily Entry Competitions

I love competitions where I can visit once per day to enter. They have to be easy web entries but think about all the other people who only enter once and you are getting bonus entries.


Facebook Competitions

I know what you are thinking. FB Comps are annoying! Some are but allot of them are easy entries if you already have your Facebook open and can quickly open the form and there’s no jumping through hoops.


So why not get started and put on your comping boots. Luck works in volume. The more chances you have the more you can win so enter as many easy competitions as you can!

Social Media Competitions



I remember when companies first started using social media for competitions. The resistance from compers at the time was understandable. Nobody wanted to sign up to Twitter, Instagram or use a personal Facebook profile. The entries for theses competitions were relatively low.


How times have changed. Now with the rise and the clear power social media has, companies have pounced and these types of competitions have become standard. So how do you enter these types of competitions and is it worth it? Here I break it down:


Facebook Competitions

Facebook competitions are the most powerful of all social media competitions. There are two types of competitions. They can run on a timeline or on an App. Timeline competitions are the easiest to enter. Apps are like embedded forms and are usually used by bigger companies. Big companies favour them because they can access all your friends and family and effectively spread their message like a spider web. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Lots of competitions now have bonus entries for just sharing on Facebook and once you get the hang of it, they are relatively simple to enter.


Twitter Competitions

Twitter tends to be the noisiest of all the social media platforms. The problem with Twitter is that there are allot of international competitions on the platform or ‘Sweepstakes’ as Americans call them. Be careful with entering international competitions. You don’t know if the promoter is reputable and check the Terms and Conditions. You can find competitions or spread them by looking up Hashtags such as #Win, #Sweepstakes, #winitwednesday, #giveaway, #contest, #Comp, #free. Is it worth it? It’s helpful to have a Twitter account to get bonus entries but if you’re not interested in ‘Tweeting’ or ‘following’ people its probably not worth it.


Instagram Competitions

Facebook owns Instagram so the platforms tend to be linked when promotions are running. Instagram is a visual platform for images and works much the same as Facebook. You can ‘like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘share’ photos and video. The users are mainly on mobile although you can use it on your desktop. Promoters will usually have a task like Tag or Share a photo of their product and you can use hashtags much the same way as Twitter. Is it worth it? If you love taking pictures and like a challenge this platform is for you. Just remember to put your profile on public so promoters cans see your entries.


Social Media is becoming increasingly popular with promoters. They are a powerful way to create and spread competitions. Posts, tweets and images can go viral. Competitions have the ability to make or break marketing strategies. As businesses are competing for exposure, prizes will get bigger, entries easier. Decide which platforms work for you and spread your net far and wide.

New Year. New Wins.



I love the first month of the year. January is always full of excitement. New beginnings are so much better than endings. Its that time of the year after reflection when you set new goals and decide what do you want or what do you want to win.

Preferably I’d like to be winner in every way (who doesn’t?). If every bucket in life were full of wins I’d be laughing all the way to the moon. I often fall into the trap of not writing my goals down. Not keeping track of them. Not visualising them. I often know what I want or need but I don’t persist. But this year is going to be different. I’m aiming for balance in everything. I’m not going to binge on entering competitions and everything else. I’m going to do a little of everything everyday. So here are my tips for having a new year with new wins:


  • Write it all down! You’d be surprised how powerful the written word is. Seeing your goals all on a piece of paper will give you a clear indication of what you need to do to get there. Divide them into parts eg. This year I want to win, This year I want to be…and so on.
  • Put your goals where you can see them everyday. They don’t have to be plastered everywhere around the house but make sure you can see and/or read them first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.
  • Get organised. There is magic in tidying up. Get rid of clutter and things you don’t need. Invest in a 2016 Diary and use it!
  • Get your computer in order. Start with your comping files and start a new document for 2016. Create folders to put your favourite websites eg, Rhymer.com, poetry sites, competitions.com.au.
  •  Forget about the past and what you didn’t win last year. Move onwards and upwards.
  • Change your mindset about winning and believe you can achieve anything and deserve to win.
  • It seems obvious but if you think you’re not lucky you wont be so start thinking you’re lucky!


A New Year with New Wins can only occur if we ready to receive. Clear the way in 2016, prizes can’t find you if you have the blocked their way. Give yourself the edge this year and get ready for the prizes to start flowing your way. I’m sending  good luck to everyone this year!

Competitions in 2016 and Beyond



How competitions have changed over the years. I remember when in 2009 when I first joined a competition club. I watched a story on A Current Affair with my family. Tracy was interviewing professional compers who had won allot and I mean allot. I was so curious and so the next day I joined.  When I started my new hobby, I distinctly remember the time when it clicked. It was fun entering and I couldn’t believe how many I could enter. Then the prizes rolled in and all of a sudden I was hooked. I haven’t stopped since.


Back then there were still Mail in competitions, which are becoming increasing rare. Now we have survey Competitions  and social media competitions. They were all nonexistent (the good old days). You didn’t have to jump through hoops. No hashtags and sharing except for your friends emails.


On the flip side it has become allot easier to enter. Competitions often come in the form of a quick entry on a website. There has never been more competitions to enter and more prizes to win. It seems every company marketing plan includes a competition. Social media, clubs and groups are bringing people together. Creating communities of compers sharing code words and winning 25 WOL answers.


2016 will indefinitely bring endless competitions and prizes to win. There will probably be more players. Marketers will figure out more ways to opt us into something. Social media will play a bigger role. A comper must change with the times and adapt. We must figure out how to maximise our entries and time. Enter the complicated ones as they are the least popular. Enter and forget the easy ones.


Hobbies come and go but this hobby for me is the only one that has stuck around. It has never really faded. I suspect it will be around for a long time yet, 2016 and beyond.