The worst advice about competitions you should never listen to



There are always going to be negative people who don’t understand the compers life and they always seem to be the ones who are the least experienced when it comes to competitions and yet they act like they’re experts! Here’s the advice that those people say and why you should never listen to them!

  • Don’t bother, there’s too much competition.

Actually the odds are 1 in a thousand for most competitions, depending on the prize. The more effort involved the less competition you have. The odds are better than if you bought a tatslotto ticket!

  • You can’t win a 25 word or less competition unless you have a sob story

Not true! 25 word or less competitions are a game of skill. Creativity wins not your circumstances.

  • Contact the promoters or judges

This is a big no, unless of course you have a genuine question. People often think the only way they can win is if they game the system somehow. Play by the rules and nobody wants an annoying busy body to be the winner anyway.

  • Steal a winning 25 word or less answer from another competition

We’ve all seen winning answers floating around but don’t steal them for yourself! Firstly, once you submit an answer and win it’s owned by the promoter. Secondly, wouldn’t you want to win fair and square and have the satisfaction of winning with your own brain and creativity. I do!


Often people have the best intentions and all it takes is one bad of piece of advice to throw you off. Just keep entering and don’t listen to anyone!

7 quotes every comper should live by



A comper’s life goes up and down and it’s easy to get discouraged with endless competitions to enter and prizes you desperately want to win. Equally, it’s easy to get overly excited by the sheer mass of competitions coming and going and not to mention all the tantalizing trips and prizes on offer. Its not surprising that a comper’s life is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. If you’re struggling and feel like you’re not in balance here are 7 Quotes that every comper should live by:


  1. ‘You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. ‘ – Zig Ziglar
  2. ‘Perspective is the most important thing to have in life.’ – Lauren Graham
  3. ‘You need three things to win: discipline, hard work and, before everything maybe, commitment. No one will make it without those three.’ – Haile Gebrselassie
  4. ‘You find that you have peace of mind and can enjoy yourself, get more sleep, and rest when you know that it was a one hundred percent effort that you gave – win or lose.’ – Gordie Howe
  5. No matter if you win or lose, the most important thing in life is to enjoy what you have.’ -Dong Dong
  6. ‘When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be positive or negative; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It’s all a matter of perspective. ‘ -Harvey Mackay
  7. ‘You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.’ – Morgan Wootten

Most of these quotes can be applied to life and not just comping. But the same principles apply, doesn’t everyone want to win at life and well…everything. Good luck compers and happy winning!

How to Harness Momentum and Win



Have you ever noticed when you win one prize another appears? Or you have a win and all of a sudden there’s a string of prizes, one after the other. Are you always saying to yourself ‘When it rains, it pours’ and for some reason things seem to happen in three’s, three winning emails or three missed calls. Too many movie tickets all of a sudden and not enough time? If only everything was spaced out evenly but the universe doesn’t work that way. This phenomenon can be put down to momentum. It’s a law that can be harnessed and work in your favor too in every area of you life.


Here’s how to harness momentum and win:


  • Don’t stop. Momentum is movement.
  • Never look back. Momentum is going forward. Don’t think about lost prizes, only the ones around the corner.
  • Keep positive. Like attracts like and if you keep positive, more prizes will be attracted to you.
  • Use that positive energy you have when you’ve just won to enter more competitions.
  • Plan your competitions and comping time ahead of time. Be prepared to enter a truck load of competitions.
  • Enter every spare minute you have to keep that winning feeling.
  • Keep your prizes where you can see them and/or use them everyday. That way you always keep your prizes in your mind and you’re always reminded on how you won them.
  • Tell people about your winnings. There’s nothing like people cheering you on and making you feel more proud and positive about your win’s.


In physics momentum is ‘the mass of the object multiplied by its velocity (thus, a slowly moving, very massive body and a rapidly moving, light body can have the same momentum.’ For a comper there must be a careful balance of large and small competitions, prizes big and small, short bursts of effort and large chunks of energy. If you gain momentum, it might just rain.

The Must Do’s for Winning a Store Competition



Store competitions are one of the best competitions to enter for a comper. They require a little effort so entries tend to be less competitive. The easier the competition the more entries there are.  Store competitions include any competitions where you have to go to the store and buy a product. They’re usually supermarkets and chemists that run these types of competitions but can also be clothes stores or markets. Almost always a purchase is required.

So if you haven’t bothered or think they are too much effort, think again! You need to get your entries in at your local supermarket or chemist! Here are the must do’s for winning a store competition:


  • Keep your receipts! Proof of purchase is nearly always required. Tip: Keep receipts 6 months as sometimes there is a second chance draw down the track.
  • Check if you need barcodes of products and staple them to your receipts.
  • Get organized. Keeping receipts and barcodes can get messy and because promoters don’t notify you if you haven’t won you’ll need a system. Tip: Keep a copy of the entry form so you know when the winner was drawn and discard when it’s been a couple of months after the draw date.
  • Read the terms and conditions. There might be specific instructions you have to follow, for example you might have to buy more than one product in one transaction.
  • Don get nasty or greedy and hide entry forms at supermarkets or buy the whole shelf out. You’ll attract bad comping karma.
  • Stick to your budget. If you have a tight budget at the supermarket (who doesn’t) don’t blow it buying cat food when you don’t have a cat.
  • Reduce your comping footprint. Try not to buy too much useless food or products, better yet give away what you don’t need to charity.
  • Don’t try to game the system which is hard to do now because of online entry forms but if you find a loophole like a made up receipt number or barcode you can enter, don’t be tempted!


Shopping just got a whole lot of fun when you see an amazing competition to enter. Follow the rules above and you’re sure to win!

Winning what you need Versus What you want



It can be a confusing conundrum for a comper. Should you enter competitions for things that you need versus things you just want. My needs and wants are endless when it comes to prizes and there are endless competitions to fulfill my every hearts desires. I really really want an overseas holiday but I know what I really need is a dryer this winter. I even sometimes just enter the big competitions just so I can daydream about travelling. Although all these trips would be nice I don’t know where I would find the time. One would need long service leave to go on all the trips I want to win. Plus, not to mention all the spending money you would need. It probably wouldn’t be practical at this point in time even If I won one overseas trip. So there may be practical reasons why winning what you really want wouldn’t be good for you. Also if you’re going to turn into a greedy monster if you win something big and lose all your friends and family as a result, that prize is not what you want or need.


My want list ranges from cash, trips, spa days, shopping sprees and maybe a new wardrobe which falls in the ‘want’ and ‘need’ category. Deep down I know I need more practical objects like electrical’s. To win something useful feels almost like a perfectly productive day. You win something that you or your mum can ‘use’ every day-so satisfying. Like a gift you buy for someone and 5 years later at a dinner party, you see them get that Swiss army knife out and that ‘hero’ feeling comes over you.

Then there’s the whole karmic factor to take into consideration. If you enter competitions for things you really don’t need, are you taking a chance away from someone who does need it?

So what to do. Cast your net far and wide or fish in a smaller pond?  Whatever your decision is, one thing is for sure be careful what you wish for and be careful what you win.

How to Win a 25 Word or Less Competition



I have these days all the time. I see an amazing competition with an equally amazing prize. Excitement fills me and I drift off to the land of winning where I happily frolic among all my dream prizes. Then a big thump hits. I drop out of the sky and back into reality. The gatekeeper awaits me and refuses to let me pass. The gatekeeper wants a 25 word or less answer or else I shall not pass and enter thy competition. Frustration sets in as I copy and paste the question in my trusty WOL file where I pick up where I left off for another day when I’m feeling more creative. As a comper I’m sure you’ve had these moments.


I’ve won small and biggish prizes with 25 word or less competitions and the truth is they’re not going away and they are becoming more and more competitive these days. So how can you win a 25 word or less competition? If they’re a mystery to you and you want to get an edge here are some tips:

  1. Don’t panic. You can be creative and witty. Just have a go and you’ll be surprise with what you come up with.
  2. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in day. Think about the question. Brainstorm. Take your time.
  3. Answer the question. Don’t go off on a creamy cherry pie tangent. Think about the question and answer it.
  4. Tie in the product/s, brand and/or the promoter some way. Be creative but don’t forget who created the competition.
  5. Use an online rhyming dictionary and seek out inspiration on the internet. Save answers and poems in a file when you need to fill the creative well.
  6. Sob stories don’t work so don’t put them in.
  7. Avoid instant disqualification. Don’t go over the word limit. They don’t call them 25 word or less questions for nothing. Type your answers in Word where you can easily track how many words you’re up to.
  8. Use all of your word limit. Don’t be clever and answer the question with 3 words. Nobody likes a know it all, especially judges. Prove your worthiness by putting in the effort.
  9. Don’t over think it. You’re not trying to win a Pulitzer Prize in poetry or be a comedian like Jerry Seinfeld. Enter and forget.
  10. Double check your contact details. If you can’t be contacted some promoters will move on to the next person so double check you entered the right email address and phone number.

25 word or less competitions can sometimes be the hardest competitions to enter but don’t avoid them because they’re the most rewarding when you actually win. Happy comping everyone!

10 Benefits of Entering Competitions



This post is to win you over about competitions once and for all. Competitions and prizes use to be a total and complete mystery to me. I never could figure out how people won. I would see a competition on Getaway or in a magazine and think ‘I could never win that!’. I thought it was too hard to come up with an answer to these strange 25 word or less questions. I had no idea about anything. Once I actually joined a competition website on a dark and stormy night, the clouds did part and I finally understood the hobby of entering competitions. When I got going and won my first prize, there was no turning back. So if you’re undecided about competitions here are 10 benefits of entering competitions I bet you didn’t know:

  1. You can win….Big! Houses, Cruises, holidays and cash are all up for grabs.
  2. You can never run out of competitions to enter. There are literally thousands of competitions and prizes to win at any given moment in Australia.
  3. You build your creative muscle with every 25 word or less answer you come up with and you can use this creativity in many aspects of your daily life. Plus it might just unlock something in you.
  4. You can have fun reading back on your 25 word or less answers. Keep a notebook or file and You’ll be amazed with all the different poems and one liners you created.
  5. Comping doesn’t cost anything! Except when you have to buy a can of tuna to enter a competition, it’s totally free to enter and the best things in life are free.
  6. It’s social. By joining a club or website like you connect with other like-minded people. Sharing information, tips plus all the highs and lows of being a comper.
  7. Your friends and family will envy you when you start winning and yes you will win prizes!
  8. Part of the formula for winning is pure maths. The more you enter the more chances you have to win.
  9. The other part of the formula for winning is a mystery. You’ll become aware of the mysterious universe and the elusive lady luck.
  10. Competitions are quick to enter so you can enter heaps which yes you guessed it increases your chances of winning.
  11. Those long train rides, lunch breaks and boring days at work are no more with your new hobby. Enter on your phone or a minimized window on your computer -when your boss isn’t watching of course!
  12. Competitions give you hope and something positive to look forward to when life gets you down and sometimes we just need these things to keep us going.
  13. You can officially call yourself a comper which your family and friends won’t understand but that’s OK, eventually they’ll want to be one too when they start seeing you winning prizes.

Entering competitions is I think one of the best hobbies you can have. The best thing is you can win big or small and it’s all a thrill. You’re rewarded for your efforts and for being the most creative. To become a comper is to become a winner in every way.

How to get back on track and start winning again



Setbacks are normal in life and just when you thought you were on top of something life throws you a boomerang. We’ve all never been busier and there have never been more competitions to enter and prices to win. It can be hard to fit everything or pick up where you left off. Or sometimes life just happens and we hit a roadblock. It might be the smallest stupidest thing that occurs or it could be a once in a lifetime event that rocks your world, either way here’s how you can get on track and start winning again:


Just get started

The hardest part is always getting started. If you feel you’re behind on entering competitions and there’s just too many out there and you don’t where to start, just start with a few easy ones and build up. Motion builds momentum. Don’t analyse why you’re so behind because analysis breed’s paralysis just get started.


Only Enter competitions you want to win

By narrowing down on the prizes you want to win you eliminate all the unnecessary competitions you would of wasted time on. You’re also telling lady luck, ‘This is what I really want to win!’ and by being specific, you get closer and closer the win of your dreams.


Foster Creativity for those 25 Word or Less answers

The dreaded 25 word or less answer is often a requirement for the best competitions! Oh why are the competition gods so cruel! To write the best 25 WOL requires creative thinking, which requires whatever gets your creative juices flowing. It might be reading poetry, going for a long walk, drawing or just sitting with the question. Only the best creative answer will win so do whatever you have to do and make a good one.


Get an Accountability Partner

There’s nothing better than telling your friends you’ll be entering 40 competitions every week and you’re going to win your dream holiday! Your friends will cheer you on and keep you accountable as you can only win if you cast your net far and wide and enter allot of competitions. Plus they might get addicted too and you can share information and win together.


Don’t get discouraged

It’s never too late to get back on track. It can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start and the year seems to be rushing by and you haven’t won anything because you haven’t entered anything! But the great thing about competitions is when one closes but there’s always another one around the corner.

8 revealing signs you are a competition junkie



Entering competitions is an innocent hobby as any other but when do you know things are going too far? Below are 8 revealing signs you’re a competition junkie:


  1. Competitions are the first and last thing you think about. If you’re waking up thinking about competitions and going to bed thinking about competitions, then it might be time to get you’re mind thinking about something else.
  2. You’re phone bill is outrageously high from sending premium SMS’s to enter competitions. Sure it’s easy to copy and paste you’re name and address, then send with a tap of a button but if you’re blowing your monthly budget, put down the phone.
  3. Half you’re shopping trolley is filled with useless items you’ll never use or get through. A few items bought for a competition is OK but if you’re weekly shop is getting dominated by items purely bought to enter competitions, put that tenth bottle of shampoo down now!
  4. You spend ALLOT of time at work entering competitions and its affecting your job. If you need your job, stop and take a step back and ask yourself is it really worth the risk?
  5. You’re starting to speak in rhyme. A 25 word or less competition is the hardest to crack. If you’re constantly trying to create a little clever one liner and poems all the time, then its only natural you start to sound like Dr Seuss.
  6. You’re inbox is overflowing with newsletters and products you’re not interested in. If you’re entering to win prizes just for the sake of winning anything then maybe its time to enter only competitions you actually want to in.
  7. You feel anxious when you’re not on the computer looking at competitions. Evaluate what’s making you anxious and stop taking it all so seriously.
  8. It doesn’t feel fun anymore. It might be time to cut back or take a break.


Entering competitions and winning prizes can be thrilling and exciting. Its one of the easiest and fun hobbies I’ve found. With the ease of technology, it can also be really addicting. If it’s starting become a problem then it might be time to cut back or take a break. There’s always a prize waiting around the corner.

How to enter competitions while you’re sick and still win



This week I was struck down with a cold. I came down with it on a Saturday and have been sniffling every since. Unfortunately I had to take time off work but I didn’t want to spread my germs and make more people sick. I had all the usual symptoms you have blocked sinuses, runny nose, tiredness, headaches and oh did I mention tiredness. I just couldn’t sleep with a blocked nose.


As awful as the week had been I resolved to make it as productive as possible. I didn’t want it to set me back and you shouldn’t either. Just thinking of all the missed opportunities gives me some comping anxiety. So here’s how to stay productive when you’re a little under the weather:


Take Time off

When you’re genuinely sick is the time to take time off. Take advantage of it and don’t feel guilty about it. You don’t want to get other people at work sick. Deep down your boss is thanking you, he just doesn’t know it yet.


Take Medication

Do take something that will relieve a blocked nose or headache. If you want to be productive you have to get some of those symptoms under control. No extra comping points for warriors.


Utilize your bed and/or couch

This is what mobile phones were made for! So you can use them wherever you want. Enter competitions under the covers, on your phone or set your laptop up and in-between a cough or two check your emails or enter a competition.


Psych Yourself Up

People do hard labor everyday and women give birth in the desert. You can handle being sick. Suck it up, slap yourself and enter a competition like you mean it.


Do what you can

Only do what you can manage. You’re not 100% and may have to comp in short bursts. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get as much done as possible just because you’re home, you’re home because you’re sick.


Take Regular Breaks

Don’t forget to rest, take your medication and drink plenty of water. You don’t want to prolong being sick.


Being productive while your sick is the best way to get your mind off your illness and on what really matters. We’re compers and there are prizes to win and competitions to enter! There is no rest. Like anything in life, getting started is the hardest part but once you get into the zone your flu or cold will be far from your mind and winning will be closer.