How to stay safe in a digital world



There have always been scammers since the dawn of time. Now living in the digital age there has never been a better time to be a scammer. If you’re entering competitions online you probably don’t even think about the information you freely give up and the websites you visit. Emails that make wild claims like you have won a billion Euros in a lottery you never entered or a long lost relative has left you a large inheritance seem to flood our inboxes. But now scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their tactics and its only a matter of time before someone creates a fake website to win a million dollars so here’s a few tips to stay safe:


  • Never send money to receive a prize.
  • Never send personal details like bank accounts and your date of birth to verify a prize.
  • Unless you know for sure the website is from a reputable promoter, don’t put your real date of birth in the entry.
  • Websites can be created easily now and company logos can be stolen but they usually look unprofessional and �?fake’. If your instincts are telling you this doesn’t look right, don’t enter your details.
  • Check social media to see the company has social proof and is a real business.
  • When your mobile phone rings and it’s an automated message, this is most likely a sign the call is a scam.
  • Malware and other computer viruses are designed to gather personal details and passwords so keep your anti-virus software up to date and scan regularly.
  • Never open attachments  from people you don’t know.


There of course are many grey areas when it comes to your personal information. Sometimes promoters will ask for your date of birth or address to identify the winner. And it’s possible that phone call to say you have won Tattslotto is real (and not a dream!). It’s always better to be safe than sorry and as always be vigilant.

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