How to Harness Momentum and Win



Have you ever noticed when you win one prize another appears? Or you have a win and all of a sudden there’s a string of prizes, one after the other. Are you always saying to yourself ‘When it rains, it pours’ and for some reason things seem to happen in three’s, three winning emails or three missed calls. Too many movie tickets all of a sudden and not enough time? If only everything was spaced out evenly but the universe doesn’t work that way. This phenomenon can be put down to momentum. It’s a law that can be harnessed and work in your favor too in every area of you life.


Here’s how to harness momentum and win:


  • Don’t stop. Momentum is movement.
  • Never look back. Momentum is going forward. Don’t think about lost prizes, only the ones around the corner.
  • Keep positive. Like attracts like and if you keep positive, more prizes will be attracted to you.
  • Use that positive energy you have when you’ve just won to enter more competitions.
  • Plan your competitions and comping time ahead of time. Be prepared to enter a truck load of competitions.
  • Enter every spare minute you have to keep that winning feeling.
  • Keep your prizes where you can see them and/or use them everyday. That way you always keep your prizes in your mind and you’re always reminded on how you won them.
  • Tell people about your winnings. There’s nothing like people cheering you on and making you feel more proud and positive about your win’s.


In physics momentum is ‘the mass of the object multiplied by its velocity (thus, a slowly moving, very massive body and a rapidly moving, light body can have the same momentum.’ For a comper there must be a careful balance of large and small competitions, prizes big and small, short bursts of effort and large chunks of energy. If you gain momentum, it might just rain.

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