How to enter competitions while you’re sick and still win



This week I was struck down with a cold. I came down with it on a Saturday and have been sniffling every since. Unfortunately I had to take time off work but I didn’t want to spread my germs and make more people sick. I had all the usual symptoms you have blocked sinuses, runny nose, tiredness, headaches and oh did I mention tiredness. I just couldn’t sleep with a blocked nose.


As awful as the week had been I resolved to make it as productive as possible. I didn’t want it to set me back and you shouldn’t either. Just thinking of all the missed opportunities gives me some comping anxiety. So here’s how to stay productive when you’re a little under the weather:


Take Time off

When you’re genuinely sick is the time to take time off. Take advantage of it and don’t feel guilty about it. You don’t want to get other people at work sick. Deep down your boss is thanking you, he just doesn’t know it yet.


Take Medication

Do take something that will relieve a blocked nose or headache. If you want to be productive you have to get some of those symptoms under control. No extra comping points for warriors.


Utilize your bed and/or couch

This is what mobile phones were made for! So you can use them wherever you want. Enter competitions under the covers, on your phone or set your laptop up and in-between a cough or two check your emails or enter a competition.


Psych Yourself Up

People do hard labor everyday and women give birth in the desert. You can handle being sick. Suck it up, slap yourself and enter a competition like you mean it.


Do what you can

Only do what you can manage. You’re not 100% and may have to comp in short bursts. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get as much done as possible just because you’re home, you’re home because you’re sick.


Take Regular Breaks

Don’t forget to rest, take your medication and drink plenty of water. You don’t want to prolong being sick.


Being productive while your sick is the best way to get your mind off your illness and on what really matters. We’re compers and there are prizes to win and competitions to enter! There is no rest. Like anything in life, getting started is the hardest part but once you get into the zone your flu or cold will be far from your mind and winning will be closer.

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