Dear Karl and Lisa…



Dear Karl and Lisa,


It’s time we talked. For a long time I have resisted your competition. Maybe it’s been a year or two. I’m not sure. But I resisted. I decided to opt out. Not participate or Join in. I watched in envy as your callers answered with those magical words ‘I wake up with today!’ and I watched with sadness when it passed the five rings.


Sure I was tempted. It looked like fun. Waiting in anticipation when you announced the chosen one. Counting the rings one by one. Rejoicing with the team when they finally answer. Oh and all the daydreaming I could do before 9am.


There have been many times I wanted to register. Karl’s friendly voice encouraging me ‘Text your name and suburb to…..’. After all it was just one text message I told myself and ‘You gotta be in it to win it’. Just do it. Still I resisted.


Why you ask? Fear.


What if I missed the phone call? What if there was a jackpot? What if I froze and stumbled on the words? What If I was in the loop and you couldn’t get through to me? What If I ran for the phone, tripped, broke my leg and I couldn’t answer in time? What if a family member or work colleague heard my name? What if I missed my chance!


This is a regret I could not live with.


That is until now.


Today I am now registered. I am no longer a spectator but in the arena. The ease at which I can enter multiple times makes me a definite contender. I’m not sure if entries roll over but I enter every day just to make sure.


Sure it’s not going to change my life. I might miss out. I might trip and fall. I might say ‘Hello?’. But I just wanted to let you know…I’m now ‘in’.


I admit being a Victorian this makes me slightly unlucky. The competition gods seem to prefer Queenslanders. I promise I really do ‘Wake Up with Today’. I laugh at all of Karl’s jokes and I love Lisa’s wardrobe.


So now I’m registered……I have just one question? When are you going to call me?


Kind Regards,




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