Crafting the Perfect Christmas Winning Answer



This is my favourite time of year! Not just because I can’t wait until the big feast, Boxing Day sales and the warm weather but who can forget all the Christmas competitions that come around this time of year. I especially love getting surprise prizes after Christmas because then I can claim them for myself. After all Christmas has usually passed, I can’t give them away then!


This is also the best time of year to enter 25 Word or less comps. You’re probably thinking, what? Most people dread the 25 Word or less comps but trust me it is! Why? Answers can be Christmas themed and this is so much easier than thinking up a �?general’ answer. Tailoring your answer accordingly gets you bonus points and if you can connect it to the promoter, bang! You got yourself a winning a WOL answer.


If you are a newbie to WOL you won’t be short of ideas when you can include things like mistletoe, reindeer, sleighs and snowflakes. This is the perfect time to have a go. Unfortunately you will get addicted and start dreaming in rhymes. Ideas will come to you in the oddest of places.


Here are some Christmas Buzz Words for crafting a Winning 25 WOL:


Festive Saint Nick Presents
Ivy Santa Claus Tidings
Red / Green Toboggan Party
Rudolph Toys Pudding
Reindeer Turkey Spirit
Snowman Tree Fireplace
Unwrap Joyful Barbecue
Carols Bells Angel
Chimney Family Elf
Christmas Eve Gifts Gingerbread
Kris Kringle Kings Holiday
Holly Hope Mistletoe
Greetings Cookie Decorations
Gold Snowflake Wrap
Tinsel Wreath Xmas


Don’t forget to answer the question but make sure you put a Christmas twist on it and include the promoter or product somehow. Rhymes and Poems tend to work well eg Hope/Cope, Tinsel/Sinful, Mistletoe/Gusto, Bells/Farewells, Snowman/Wiseman.


If your strength is the one liner, think about transporting the reader (judge) to a winter wonderland and making them witty and funny eg Because I look like Santa Claus who’s been on a holiday for most of the year.


My best tip is to have fun with it! Get creative and throw in a reindeer or two. Make the judges laugh and you will stand out from the crowd.


Image Via Unsplash By Kate Zaidova


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April 7, 2014