What do you want to win 2017?



Can you believe 2017 is here? How did 2016 fly by so fast. After tallying up my prizes for 2016 (all small wins), I’ve realised I want 2017 to be even bigger! Each new year arrives with new competitions, wins and opportunities to connect to fellow compers. We get to swipe the slate clean and start over again. I must say I prefer new beginnings than endings.


Each year the competition or sweepstake world gets bigger and with that comes more people entering. But I believe there’s enough prizes and fun to go around so don’t despair, 2017 is going to be amazing!


So, what do you want to win in 2017? Here’s what I want to win to give you some ideas (like you need any help!):


  • Car – Any will do.
  • Cash or gift cards – preferable 3 figures or more.
  • Tickets to events – New Years Resolution is to save more so I need to find more ‘free’ things to do.
  • European Cruise – Mum’s dream
  • Caravan – Mum’s dream No. 2
  • iPad – To read on the train
  • Mac desktop computer – Laptop is getting a little slow these days.
  • New bed – Preferably a new bed frame French style


Now over to you, what do you want to win in 2017? Share in the comments below.

The art of the Christmas Jingle



It’s that time of year again. No, it’s not the worst time of year (New Years) it’s Christmas! As things start to wind down you should have more time to enter competitions and when everything turns a shade of red and green, you can finally get all Christmasy. The dreaded 25 word or less answer can become fun this time of year! Don’t believe me just check out all the words you can use:


Festive Saint Nick Presents
Ivy Santa Claus Tidings
Red / Green Toboggan Party
Rudolph Toys Pudding
Reindeer Turkey Spirit
Snowman Tree Fireplace
Unwrap Joyful Barbecue
Carols Bells Angel
Chimney Family Elf
Christmas Eve Gifts Gingerbread
Kris Kringle Kings Holiday
Holly Hope Mistletoe
Greetings Cookie Decorations
Gold Snowflake Wrap
Tinsel Wreath Xmas


And look at some rhyming combos here:

  • Kringle, jingle, mingle, tingle
  • Tinsel, angle, amble, bustle, fizzle, fateful
  • Reindeer, same year, reign in, came in, sleigh in
  • Kings, sings, stings, wins
  • Wrap, map, crap, unwrap, tit for tat, night cap, bootstrap, love trap


The combinations are endless at Christmas which is why he is the best time to get creative. The judges will love you for it and try to rhyme and include the promoter. Jingle all the way to a win compers!

How to enter competitions at work without your boss knowing



We all know we must enter as many competitions as we can and we all know it’s sometimes hard to find the time. It’s no wonder people are using work hours to comp. But how does one enter without being found out? If you’re lucky enough to have spare time and sit in front of a computer all day, it’s completely possible to get away with it! Here’s how:

  • Keep your browser in a small window at the bottom of your screen.
  • Learn some short cuts and get quick with your mouse for when your boss does sneak up on you and you can quickly close websites down.
  • Delete your browsing history…often. Not 100% effective these days with ‘IT people’ on our backs but at the very least it will wipe away any guilt.
  • Set a limit every day, that way the number of websites you visit won’t cause any alarm bells in the IT department.
  • Have a backup plan. If you do get caught, what will you say? Research? Christmas shopping? Have an answer ready.
  • Brainstorm and write 25 word or less answers in your email program. You’ll look like you are productive but make sure you always have your personal email as the recipient in case you accidentally hit send.
  • Delete all ‘personal comping’ emails in your sent folder.
  • Swap desks with co-workers who have more privacy. Desks that back onto windows and walls are the best.
  • In fact, try to escape the office altogether. Work from home more often. Complete all your work first then get onto the comping.
  • Stay on top of your work and don’t let things slide. This way you won’t attract any unnecessary attention or ‘investigations’.

It’s easy to enter competitions at work if you know the tricks. Happy comping at work people!

Here’s why this is the best time of the year for competitions



I was out shopping the other day and a sign happen to catch my eye. It was one of those dreaded count down signs that read ‘6 weeks to Christmas’. Ah no! Where did this year go and how is it Christmas already? If you’re feeling overwhelmed like me, and you think it might be too late to win anything, here’s why this is the best time for competitions:


Change your perspective

The End of the year is actually the best time for competitions. Many businesses and companies often will launch a Christmas or a ‘end of the year’ themed competition. Plus many competitions will close and be drawn before the New Year so you might just get that notification you’ve been waiting for.


25 words or less get better this time of the year!

This is the only time of the year where you can put a Christmas or New Years flavor in your 25 word or less answers. Rhyming is so much more fun when you have words like Tinsel, Santa, Saint Nick and Reindeer to work with. Don’t forget all the New Years Eve words too like fireworks, year, 2016, 2017 and new beginnings.


You have more time as the end nears

Don’t you love it when it comes that time of the year and everything starts to slow down? More quite time means more time to do personal things like comping! Plus as the end of the year gets closer the number of compers will be down as everyone heads off to their holidays but if you keep at it, the odds will tip in your favour.


As you can see we are heading into the most exciting time of the year. Happy comping everyone!

Survey Competitions



Survey Competitions are becoming increasingly popular. Marketing companies are now offering big prizes and monthly prizes in exchange for your thoughts, tastes and behaviour. All are valuable information in the marketing game. Marketing companies may use your information to taylor products and messaging to target audiences just like yourself.


But as a comper are they worth the effort? How much is ten or so minutes of your time worth? Some surveys are even longer like the Australia Post Lifestyle yearly survey which 40 minutes to complete. Often the questions are hard to fake and the ‘Next’ buttons move around the page, making it hard to get through the survey quickly.


It is a dilemma and if you have the time and don’t mind the monotonous task of answering endless questions then by all means enter. For everyone else it might be task not worth putting the effort in. But as the saying goes ‘The harder the competition, the less entries there are.’ So they might be competitions you should look into.


Ultimately to enter survey competitions or not is up to the comper. Weigh up the time and reward, then enter as your desires or not. Happy comping everyone!

Wish Lists, Winning and more



There’s nothing like creating a winning wish list to get you excited and pumped. Creating a wish list can be your motivation and inspiration when things get off track, but it can also be a positive way of ‘seeing’ what you really want to win. Here’s everything you need to know about winning wish lists:



Creating a winning wish list of everything you want to win will help you filter out the competitions you don’t want to enter and the ones you want to win the prize for. It will also help you get clear and crystalize your comping goals so you know where you want to go (probably somewhere exotic!) and you can take the actions to get there.



Choosing your medium and method will be the hardest part. Start with a pen and paper to brainstorm, then decide if you want to type your list up, create a pin board on Pinterest or a Vision board, put in a notebook or maybe put in on a Competitions.com.au forum to get accountable, whatever your method choose wisely as it’s your list and you’re the one who will use it.



It’s important to always check in on your goals and dream prizes. How does the universe know what you want if you don’t tell it? Put the list on your fridge, in a folder, save as a screensaver, put post it notes around the house, anywhere you will see it all the time.



Look and read your list as often as you can manage, every morning is good or once a week is good too. You want to permanently etch in your mind the prizes you desire. Your subconscious should be so sick of you looking at the holiday you want; it will do a deal with the universe to send it to you.


Create your winning wish list today!

4 things I wish I’d never known about competitions



Everything is so innocent in the beginning. I’ve been on my comping journey for so many years now (Not telling how many years!) and there’s no turning back now. Here hare 4 things I wish I’d never known about competitions:


  1. The numbers

Before I heard about the ‘numbers’ I was blissfully entering competitions, unaware of the odds. I really did think Lady Luck was a cousin of mine and how so generous she would be to me. I use to think I had a really really really good chance at winning big competitions and I mean those big ones brands do, that is until I found out the truth. Some competitions get up to 5000 entries depending on the competition and the type. What! Ignorance really is bliss as they say!


  1. People are ’judgy’

Naturally people are negative about things they don’t understand but I always thought my hobby would be accepted by family and friends. It can be hurtful when you love your hobby but there are those non-converters who pass judgement and will never ‘get it’. I didn’t think it would be something I could talk to with some people and others not at all.


  1. People get ‘jelly’

If you do tell people about your prizes or competitions coming up, it’s amazing how some people can get really jealous. Naturally if you win people do get a tad jealous but some people are just jealous you have a hobby and they don’t! The green eyed monster appears when you least expect it. I made this mistake in the beginning with co-workers and it changed the way people looked at me. Note to self: be careful what you say and to whom.


  1. Promoters can be shady

There’s always one bad egg in the bunch and the stories I’ve heard over the years have ranged from prizes not showing up to promoter’s not sticking to the terms and conditions. I use to think promoters were innocent angels who could never do wrong but now I know better. Don’t trust anyone and don’t expect the promoter to do the right thing.


Good luck everyone!

Productivity Tips everyone needs to know



Productivity is a compers best friend. We’re all busy and have limited resources available to us and our time is valuable. So here are a few of my top productivity tips you need to know and help you enter even more competitions:


Batch your competitions

Batching competitions will save you so much time in the long run! Doing the same type of competitions over and over makes you better at them which save you time. For example if you entered 20 online competitions in one go rather than chop and change between competitions, each entry will take you less time than the one before. Same rule applies for 25 Word or less competitions, the more you attempt and enter, the better you get, saving you more time each time. Make batching your new rule and be a comping machine!


Avoid distractions

We are the most distracted generation of all time. Do try and resist all distractions like visiting forums and Social Media.  If you want to be productive you have to avoid all unimportant tasks when its ‘your time’ and winning is an important task so avoid all distractions.


Beat overwhelm with trigger song

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just plain unmotivated, train your brain to get prepared with a trigger song. The song can be anything you want but make sure it is a positive and uplifting song. When your comping time is starting, play the song and soon your brain will know it’s that time again. You’ll be more productive and motivated than ever before.


Enter anywhere and everywhere

Instead of sitting back on the tram, train or bus and listening to music why not enter some competitions? You could batch all your easy competitions and save them for you commute. Train yourself to use it as a release after work and daydreaming exercise in the morning and before you know it, at the end of the month you will be on track with very little effort.


Being productive doesn’t have to mean exhausting yourself and pulling your hair out while trying to win as many prizes as possible. With a few simple steps you can be productive and tip the odds in your favour!

The Pros and Cons of Winning a Holiday



Wining a holiday is often the biggest dream of the comper but have you ever thought about all the pro’s and con’s if you actually did win? The dream is often not like the reality. There’s Family and friends who might get offended if you don’t take them and travel dates to work with. Winning a holiday can often put you in a comping pickle so here are the pros and cons of winning a holiday:


Pros of Winning a Holiday:

  • Opportunity to visit an exotic location you would never have booked yourself.
  • Airports! It’s always exciting at the airport and it’s all free from your comping efforts.
  • Stay in a luxury hotel you probably would never of never have paid for yourself. Winning a trip where the accommodation has already been decided is a great excuse to stay somewhere luxurious.
  • Give the travel agency your frequent flyer numbers when they book and your next holiday will be all sorted.
  • Show off to colleagues you don’t like. Who doesn’t like boasting and sending postcards to the office.
  • Tailoring your win and adding an extra leg on to your trip. If you’re in Europe or America, why not add on a trip to Paris or New York?
  • Leaving the kids behind! Most competitions for holidays are for two people only (This could be a con depending on the individual).


Cons of Winning a Holiday:

  • Sometimes expenses are included but if not you could be out of pocket by thousands depending on where you go.
  • Picking who to go with. Choices. Choices.
  • Yes, people will be jealous and envy you but do try and enjoy regardless.
  • Check the terms and conditions as some competitions specify you can only travel during a particular date (low season) which could mean cold weather or an inconvenient time of the year.
  • Annual Leave. When you’ve won a holiday you may have to use saved up annual leave unexpectedly.
  • Travel insurance. Hidden costs like travel insurance are usually the winner’s responsibility.
  • Travel Agencies and PA’s. Emails, phone calls, dates, flights, passports, visas, need we say more.
  • What do you do if you’re disappointed with your prize or you don’t get what you’ve won?


Winning a holiday can be one of the biggest thrills of your life but it can also be filled with many problems. Take the chance if you think it’s worth it and comp your way outta here!

How to stay safe in a digital world



There have always been scammers since the dawn of time. Now living in the digital age there has never been a better time to be a scammer. If you’re entering competitions online you probably don’t even think about the information you freely give up and the websites you visit. Emails that make wild claims like you have won a billion Euros in a lottery you never entered or a long lost relative has left you a large inheritance seem to flood our inboxes. But now scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their tactics and its only a matter of time before someone creates a fake website to win a million dollars so here’s a few tips to stay safe:


  • Never send money to receive a prize.
  • Never send personal details like bank accounts and your date of birth to verify a prize.
  • Unless you know for sure the website is from a reputable promoter, don’t put your real date of birth in the entry.
  • Websites can be created easily now and company logos can be stolen but they usually look unprofessional and �?fake’. If your instincts are telling you this doesn’t look right, don’t enter your details.
  • Check social media to see the company has social proof and is a real business.
  • When your mobile phone rings and it’s an automated message, this is most likely a sign the call is a scam.
  • Malware and other computer viruses are designed to gather personal details and passwords so keep your anti-virus software up to date and scan regularly.
  • Never open attachments  from people you don’t know.


There of course are many grey areas when it comes to your personal information. Sometimes promoters will ask for your date of birth or address to identify the winner. And it’s possible that phone call to say you have won Tattslotto is real (and not a dream!). It’s always better to be safe than sorry and as always be vigilant.