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When looking around for competitions to enter once you have exhausted all those on the website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, don’t dismiss the giveaways run through (sometimes small and obscure) blogs. In fact, it is because they are small and obscure, they can be worth entering. Just like Facebook business and interest pages, bloggers are usually quite passionate about the topic of their blog and keen to share it with others. Then in the course of striving to engage a large and loyal audience of followers, they often partner with manufacturers or wholesalers, even local retailers and review products (sometimes for payment but often just for freebies) and are also supplied with some of the products to use as giveaways.

Some giveaways on blogs are run through a Rafflecopter app (more on Rafflecopter in another blog, another day), others just require followers to answer a question or simply just leave a comment. Both are pretty easy to do. But how do you find the blogs that appeal to you enough to follow and have regular giveaways?

You may already follow some, but you could first start by just asking around. If you are reading this, I am sure you would be more than happy to follow – Diary of a Comp Queen – if you don’t already. This very successful blog is written by fellow comper, Sarah Phillips who offers hints and tips on comping as well as regular giveaways. Some of the giveaways are toys, DVDs, concert tickets and games for kids but others are useful household items. Just before Christmas I actually won a wonderful collection of 2015 calendars from her blog which turned out to be great Christmas presents!

The other day I decided to look further afield for some blogs with giveaways so I did a quick Google search and found a Blog Giveaway Directory( but alas it was a US-based site. There were a few giveaways listed as worldwide but I am not sure if I would hold my breath either winning or receiving them if I did. When I search around to a similar Australian site I couldn’t come up with much, so if anyone has the time and energy this could be a great idea. I did find and even though it is an international site it had a page – 50 Australian Beauty Blogs to Watch ( If it is health and beauty products you are after, it could be a place to find interesting blogs to follow.

I then decided to check out a few I have randomly come across in a Google search. The first one was Mrs Tink ( where she had reviewed and given away some Funch Snack Bar Mixes and then just recently, some luxurious Valentines Day packs. She announces her winners on her Facebook page, so you will have to ?like’ that page as well. This is an excellent example of how good the prizes can be with giveaways run through blogs even if they are relatively small compared to the ones offered by big nationally promoted competitions. The second one was listed on this website the other week. It was the blog FatMumSlim ( This giveaway included a mindfulness journal, two pillowcases, a novel, a beach bag and a kid’s bike. Not a bad mix of goodies, hey?

These were just two of perhaps hundreds, maybe thousands of Australian blogs out there in cyber-space willing to giveaway all kinds of goodies to happy followers. Even though it might take a bit of a search to track them down, once you get the hang of it……the sky might even be the limit.


You can call yourself a comper…..if you have just spent most of January unsubscribing from all the newsletters and ?un-liking’ all the FB pages you ?liked’ over Christmas!

Photo attribution: Owen W Brown

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