A Comper Quiz



Want to find out just how committed you are to comping. Well, why not take this fun quiz to find out:-

1. You are standing in a long supermarket queue and have nearly reached the checkout. You spot a sign promoting a competition at the back of the shop. Do you:-
A. Ignore it and proceed to the checkout when called
B. Make a mental note to check it out next time you are in
C. Jump out of the queue, run down to take down all the relevant details and then rejoin the end of the queue

2. You are on holidays. Do you:-
A. Relax and enjoy yourself
B. Take your laptop so you can check for competitions each morning
C. Talk about competitions all the time, check out local papers and look in shops for anything you can enter

3. You buy magazines. To:-
A. Read the articles
B. Check out the ads
C. Look for competitions

4. After dinner it’s time for a little TV viewing. Do you:-
A. Relax and sit back and enjoy the show
B. Keep a notepad handy in case a competition is advertised
C. Constantly switch channels in search of any competitions you may have missed

5. You visit your local shopping centre regularly to:-
A. Shop
B. Shop and catch up with friends for a cup of coffee
C. Find the latest competitions

6. The phone rings. Do you:-
A. Let it go to voicemail
B. Casually pick it up and answer it
C. Rush to answer it just in case it is a call to inform you of your big win

7. Your fridge needs replacing. Do you:-
A. Go out and buy a new one
B. Start saving up for a new one
C. Immediately look for competitions where there is a fridge or a white goods voucher as a prize

8. Facebook is a place where you:-
A. Share photos with family and friends
B. Organise social events
C. Enter competitions

The answers are pretty obvious really. Mostly A’s and your laid back and pretty relaxed about your comping. Mostly B’s and you are involved but not to any extent that could cause concern. Mostly C’s and I suspect you already know – you’re addicted. Maybe you need to take a break and look at your social life. So, how did you fare?

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