8 Ways you can attract prizes to you


As a competition fanatic I’m open to anything that can give me an edge. I’m also a big believer in your mindset playing a big role in what you attract in life. Have you ever met one of those happy go lucky people where everything just falls into place for them? Or what about when you expect the worse and it actually happens? Or when you think of an old friend and a week later you run into them?

There seems to be a law at work where what you think seems to affect your surroundings and their outcomes. So let’s start attracting some winning vibes to us! Here are 8 Ways to attract Prizes to you now:


  1. Decide you’re worth it. Feeling guilty or greedy will only block your prize. Decide you’re worthy to win and worthy of being lucky. Believe there is enough prizes and luck for everyone and watch them roll in.
  2. Visualise. Write down all the prizes you want to win. Read your list everyday and spend a few minutes everyday visualising yourself enjoying your prizes and the postie delivering them to you. Alternatively you could create a vision board with pictures of all the things and experiences you want to win. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes each day visualising and recapping your list or board.
  3. Use positive affirmations like ‘I’m driving my new car I won in the …..’ and ‘I am full of luck.’ Record them as a voice memo on your phone and listen to your personal affirmations commuting to work or exercising.
  4. Help someone. Connect with people in the forum or answer a question about a competition. When a fellow comper is down offer some positive encouragement. Be as helpful as possible and you will be rewarded.
  5. Meditate. Meditation has been shown to cultivate a more positive outlook on life and the universe likes people who have a positive outlook on life. Negative is ugly and nobody likes ugly.
  6. Declutter. If I were a prize I would want to go to a home that was well organised and free of clutter! Freeing space and getting organised clears the mind, which reduces anxiety, which helps you focus on the real things in life like……….winning competitions of course.
  7. Enter more competitions. The more you enter the more chances you have!
  8. Enter then forget. Don’t hold on to the past. If you miss out be happy for whoever won. The universe doesn’t like sore losers.


The law of attraction is working all around us. Think you’re not going to win? Guess what? You probably won’t. Think it’s all too hard and you don’t enter? Yep you’re not going to win either. If you want to win you have to think and act like a winner.

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