8 revealing signs you are a competition junkie



Entering competitions is an innocent hobby as any other but when do you know things are going too far? Below are 8 revealing signs you’re a competition junkie:


  1. Competitions are the first and last thing you think about. If you’re waking up thinking about competitions and going to bed thinking about competitions, then it might be time to get you’re mind thinking about something else.
  2. You’re phone bill is outrageously high from sending premium SMS’s to enter competitions. Sure it’s easy to copy and paste you’re name and address, then send with a tap of a button but if you’re blowing your monthly budget, put down the phone.
  3. Half you’re shopping trolley is filled with useless items you’ll never use or get through. A few items bought for a competition is OK but if you’re weekly shop is getting dominated by items purely bought to enter competitions, put that tenth bottle of shampoo down now!
  4. You spend ALLOT of time at work entering competitions and its affecting your job. If you need your job, stop and take a step back and ask yourself is it really worth the risk?
  5. You’re starting to speak in rhyme. A 25 word or less competition is the hardest to crack. If you’re constantly trying to create a little clever one liner and poems all the time, then its only natural you start to sound like Dr Seuss.
  6. You’re inbox is overflowing with newsletters and products you’re not interested in. If you’re entering to win prizes just for the sake of winning anything then maybe its time to enter only competitions you actually want to in.
  7. You feel anxious when you’re not on the computer looking at competitions. Evaluate what’s making you anxious and stop taking it all so seriously.
  8. It doesn’t feel fun anymore. It might be time to cut back or take a break.


Entering competitions and winning prizes can be thrilling and exciting. Its one of the easiest and fun hobbies I’ve found. With the ease of technology, it can also be really addicting. If it’s starting become a problem then it might be time to cut back or take a break. There’s always a prize waiting around the corner.

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