4 reasons you’re not winning and what to do about it



It’s only natural to feel discouraged and disheartened after you’ve been entering competitions for what seems like ages. Entering day after day or for most compers years and to only have a few prizes to show for it. When there seems like there’s little reward for so much effort. Here are four reasons you’re not winning and what you can do about it:

  1. You’re entering the wrong competitions: The most popular competitions are the big brands and the bigger they are the more people who enter them. Try entering more smaller competitions from lesser known companies.
  2. You’re just not entering enough: You think you enter a lot but get lost down the rabbit hole of forums and surfing the net and only end up entering a few competitions a week. This is not enough! If you really want to win something, it’s purely a numbers game, the more you enter the more chances you have. Pure and simple.
  3. You’re trying to ‘wing it’ with your 25 word or less answers: You know you’re answers lack originally and creativity but you enter them anyway. You don’t read the question properly and come up with an answer on the fly. Most judges will read 600 or so answers. Sure some won’t read and will choose at random. Do not hope (see next point) yours get picked. Dress to impress and you will get noticed.
  4. You’re just hoping for the best: If only things were this easy. Little effort plus random luck equals big prize. Sure it happens and you hear about but that’s why you hear about it because its so rare! Don’t depend on hope. Tip the odds in your favour and make your own luck.

So there you have it, It might have been a little harsh but we all needed to hear it! Happy comping compers!

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