How to solve the biggest problem with Competitions



The biggest problem with completions is losing, and the discouragement that comes with it. It’s a problem none us want or like but it is a necessary truth we must live with. The antidote for losing of course is winning! But we can’t win all the time, that is just a fact. So how can we deal with the biggest problem with competitions, here are a few ideas.

I remember when I was sitting in my car and I got a phone call from a radio station. It was for a trip to Mykonos. I couldn’t believe it. I pulled over and waited my turn to answer the ‘golden’ question. I was second in line so slightly disadvantaged but better off than the first person. When the radio DJ asked the question to me, I went with the first thing that popped into my head. Big mistake. I totally blew it. I actually did know the answer. It took me days if not weeks to get over. I was so close! If I had of just took my time to answer the question, maybe the correct answer would have come to me. Afterwards I was so upset with myself. I was completely discouraged with everything in my life including competitions.


To get over discouragement I decided to pick myself up and keep positive and move to the next competition. It’s important to not compare yourself to other winners and forgive yourself. It took me a long time to get over it but I do wish I had of just dusted off my negativity and got on with things.

Enter and forget

With problems come opportunities so every time you enter just forget about the competition and enter the next. If you put all your hopes and dreams in a few buckets you can’t see the stream ahead. Whether it’s a small loss or a big one that just go away and you were so close, remember there are thousands of competition ready for you to try again.

Lastly, don’t think of ‘losing’ as a problem. I know I’m contradicting myself but like all problems we see (and it is all perception), we feel we need to ‘fix’ them. Losing is part of the game with competitions. In fact losing is a part of life. If it were easy to win, it wouldn’t be so much fun. The reward feels so much better when we’ve hustled and struggled to get it. Happy comping compers!

Achieving Balance in a World of Competitions



Competitions can be exhilarating and exciting to enter and be a part of. Who doesn’t want to daydream about winning tons of prizes and sometimes those daydreams come true. But it’s important to balance our hobbies with life. After all, we all have many hobbies, interests, passions and of course family and work obligations to take care of. It can be easy to lose track and put our eggs all in one basket.

There have been times in my own life when I’ve been extremely determined to win and have spent probably too much time on competitions.

So if you’re struggling with balance this post is for you. Here are a few tips to achieve a �?competitions-life’ balance:



It’s important to take care of yourself and completely shut off. That might mean going digital free for a few days, a weekend away or going to yoga. Whatever time out is for you, do it, schedule it in and put it on your to do list regularly. Block out the time and commit to it. You can’t accomplish much (including entering competitions) if you’re not looking after your body, mind and soul.


Get your priorities straight

Take a step back and remember what really matters. Make a list if you have to but make your priorities and their importance clear to yourself and to the people who are close to you. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole and over do things so get things straight and realign your priorities.


Drop your expectations

Give up the need to know what will happen tomorrow. We’re constantly being told everything is in our control and the more work and effort we put in, the more results we will get out, but there is a level of randomness to life we don’t want to believe, most things are out of our control so drop the expectations and go with the flow. A little bit of everything and unattachment goes a long way.


 Be efficient

Getting organized and being strict with your time will help you achieve a competitions-life balance. Cultivating an efficient mind-set is going to help you achieve more in less time while still fulfilling you pursuing your hobbies and your obligations.


Achieving balance doesn’t have to be hard. It is possible to win at everything in life, just not all the time. Happy comping everyone!