Inbox Zero and How to Achieve it



Have you ever noticed when you enter a whole bunch of competitions and the next thing you find your inbox is full? The byproduct of entering competitions is often a tsunami of newsletters and emails. Managing your personal emails with your hobby can be tricky. It can feel like a losing battle at times. The competition cycle often repeats itself, as you enter more competitions, you get more emails!

Complicating things are, some promoters require you to be �?subscribed’ until the draw date so unsubscribing is not really an option at least for a while.

But you can get a grip on your inbox and achieve that illusive inbox zero. Here are a few tips:


Keep separate emails for competitions

If you really don’t like your personal emails mixing with your hobby, the solution might be to separate the two but make sure you check your inbox regularly for a winning email.


Create folders

Filling away emails for later can help the dreaded overwhelm when you’re a comper. After all, we’re all looking for that winning email! Folders will help you get organised while prioritising your inbox.


Learn to love the delete button

Delete, delete, delete! Tap it. Click it. Scan it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t think, just hit delete. I promise, you won’t miss that email.


If it’s safe to do so, unsubscribe

This can be tricky when some competitions require you to be subscribed during the competition period. But a quick search on can discover if that competition has expired and it will save you time in the long run.


There’s nothing better than that satisfied feeling of reaching inbox zero. Happy comping everyone!

Good Competition Karma and how you can earn it



If you’re a person who believes you make your own luck, then isn’t it highly probable you can ‘earn’ it too? Karma, in simple terms can be defined as good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions. That is, your actions in the comping world can affect your luck and improve your results. Seems highly probable and possible to me.


Whatever your views, it doesn’t hurt to try and earn some good comping karma along the way. Whatever cant tip the odds in our favor, right?

So here are some ways you can start earning a visit from lady luck:

  • Subscribing to the promoters mailing list. I’m often tempted to skip and uncheck the box that says ‘Subscribe to our newsletter!’ and if its not required in the terms and conditions, I often won’t do it but this is the perfect way to earn some good comping karma.
  • Helping other compers out. Sharing is caring. Next time you see a fellow comper who needs help or a competition needs code words. Don’t hesitate or think twice, help your fellow compers out.
  • Sharing competitions when you’re not asked to. Many competitions today require you to share in order to enter but I like to share the competition on social media regardless if I have to or not. Promoters like it and yes its good comping karma!
  • Saying thank you to the promoter. I must admit, I love it when I see comments from people to the promoter saying thank you. It’s a nice gesture and good manners too.

There are many opportunities to earn good comping karma. The trick is to identify them and take advantage of them. Wishing lots of good comping karma to everyone!