4 things I wish I’d never known about competitions



Everything is so innocent in the beginning. I’ve been on my comping journey for so many years now (Not telling how many years!) and there’s no turning back now. Here hare 4 things I wish I’d never known about competitions:


  1. The numbers

Before I heard about the ‘numbers’ I was blissfully entering competitions, unaware of the odds. I really did think Lady Luck was a cousin of mine and how so generous she would be to me. I use to think I had a really really really good chance at winning big competitions and I mean those big ones brands do, that is until I found out the truth. Some competitions get up to 5000 entries depending on the competition and the type. What! Ignorance really is bliss as they say!


  1. People are ’judgy’

Naturally people are negative about things they don’t understand but I always thought my hobby would be accepted by family and friends. It can be hurtful when you love your hobby but there are those non-converters who pass judgement and will never ‘get it’. I didn’t think it would be something I could talk to with some people and others not at all.


  1. People get ‘jelly’

If you do tell people about your prizes or competitions coming up, it’s amazing how some people can get really jealous. Naturally if you win people do get a tad jealous but some people are just jealous you have a hobby and they don’t! The green eyed monster appears when you least expect it. I made this mistake in the beginning with co-workers and it changed the way people looked at me. Note to self: be careful what you say and to whom.


  1. Promoters can be shady

There’s always one bad egg in the bunch and the stories I’ve heard over the years have ranged from prizes not showing up to promoter’s not sticking to the terms and conditions. I use to think promoters were innocent angels who could never do wrong but now I know better. Don’t trust anyone and don’t expect the promoter to do the right thing.


Good luck everyone!

Productivity Tips everyone needs to know



Productivity is a compers best friend. We’re all busy and have limited resources available to us and our time is valuable. So here are a few of my top productivity tips you need to know and help you enter even more competitions:


Batch your competitions

Batching competitions will save you so much time in the long run! Doing the same type of competitions over and over makes you better at them which save you time. For example if you entered 20 online competitions in one go rather than chop and change between competitions, each entry will take you less time than the one before. Same rule applies for 25 Word or less competitions, the more you attempt and enter, the better you get, saving you more time each time. Make batching your new rule and be a comping machine!


Avoid distractions

We are the most distracted generation of all time. Do try and resist all distractions like visiting forums and Social Media.  If you want to be productive you have to avoid all unimportant tasks when its ‘your time’ and winning is an important task so avoid all distractions.


Beat overwhelm with trigger song

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just plain unmotivated, train your brain to get prepared with a trigger song. The song can be anything you want but make sure it is a positive and uplifting song. When your comping time is starting, play the song and soon your brain will know it’s that time again. You’ll be more productive and motivated than ever before.


Enter anywhere and everywhere

Instead of sitting back on the tram, train or bus and listening to music why not enter some competitions? You could batch all your easy competitions and save them for you commute. Train yourself to use it as a release after work and daydreaming exercise in the morning and before you know it, at the end of the month you will be on track with very little effort.


Being productive doesn’t have to mean exhausting yourself and pulling your hair out while trying to win as many prizes as possible. With a few simple steps you can be productive and tip the odds in your favour!