Competitions for the Newbie or Pro



I recently went on a competition binge. I decided I was going to find all the competitions that had cash prizes and were easy to enter. I hadn’t entered in a while so there were a few. Then that feeling came over me. You know the one where you’ve had a great productive comping day and the possibilities seem endless. The universe could  and will deliver a prize in approximately 30 days or so. Optimistic? Yes optimism is my new 2016 mantra.


This got me thinking. Easy competitions are the way to go if you’re a newbie. For the Pro’s if you’re rusty it can be just what you need to get you entering again.


So maybe you’ve just joined and you don’t know where to start or maybe you’re an experienced comper and you just want to enter easy comps. Here’s what you should be looking for:


Easy Web Entry Competitions

These are my favourite. A form that can be auto filled quickly and a few clicks then I’m in. If you find allot in a row, its like hitting the jackpot over and over. You’ll move like the speed of light through them.


SMS Competitions

I also love these comps and how easy it is now to copy and paste my info into multiple messages. But be warned they can cost a premium and are highly addicting so stick to your budget. SMS competitions are also convenient, they can be done anywhere you just need your phone. When I hear those �?bells’ that I’m now in for a chance my heart sings.


Multiple Prize Competitions

Find competitions with lots and lots of prizes. Grand prizes are great there’s no doubt but I’ll also settle for a double pass to something. Any prize is better than nothing.


Daily Entry Competitions

I love competitions where I can visit once per day to enter. They have to be easy web entries but think about all the other people who only enter once and you are getting bonus entries.


Facebook Competitions

I know what you are thinking. FB Comps are annoying! Some are but allot of them are easy entries if you already have your Facebook open and can quickly open the form and there’s no jumping through hoops.


So why not get started and put on your comping boots. Luck works in volume. The more chances you have the more you can win so enter as many easy competitions as you can!

Social Media Competitions



I remember when companies first started using social media for competitions. The resistance from compers at the time was understandable. Nobody wanted to sign up to Twitter, Instagram or use a personal Facebook profile. The entries for theses competitions were relatively low.


How times have changed. Now with the rise and the clear power social media has, companies have pounced and these types of competitions have become standard. So how do you enter these types of competitions and is it worth it? Here I break it down:


Facebook Competitions

Facebook competitions are the most powerful of all social media competitions. There are two types of competitions. They can run on a timeline or on an App. Timeline competitions are the easiest to enter. Apps are like embedded forms and are usually used by bigger companies. Big companies favour them because they can access all your friends and family and effectively spread their message like a spider web. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Lots of competitions now have bonus entries for just sharing on Facebook and once you get the hang of it, they are relatively simple to enter.


Twitter Competitions

Twitter tends to be the noisiest of all the social media platforms. The problem with Twitter is that there are allot of international competitions on the platform or ‘Sweepstakes’ as Americans call them. Be careful with entering international competitions. You don’t know if the promoter is reputable and check the Terms and Conditions. You can find competitions or spread them by looking up Hashtags such as #Win, #Sweepstakes, #winitwednesday, #giveaway, #contest, #Comp, #free. Is it worth it? It’s helpful to have a Twitter account to get bonus entries but if you’re not interested in ‘Tweeting’ or ‘following’ people its probably not worth it.


Instagram Competitions

Facebook owns Instagram so the platforms tend to be linked when promotions are running. Instagram is a visual platform for images and works much the same as Facebook. You can ‘like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘share’ photos and video. The users are mainly on mobile although you can use it on your desktop. Promoters will usually have a task like Tag or Share a photo of their product and you can use hashtags much the same way as Twitter. Is it worth it? If you love taking pictures and like a challenge this platform is for you. Just remember to put your profile on public so promoters cans see your entries.


Social Media is becoming increasingly popular with promoters. They are a powerful way to create and spread competitions. Posts, tweets and images can go viral. Competitions have the ability to make or break marketing strategies. As businesses are competing for exposure, prizes will get bigger, entries easier. Decide which platforms work for you and spread your net far and wide.

New Year. New Wins.



I love the first month of the year. January is always full of excitement. New beginnings are so much better than endings. Its that time of the year after reflection when you set new goals and decide what do you want or what do you want to win.

Preferably I’d like to be winner in every way (who doesn’t?). If every bucket in life were full of wins I’d be laughing all the way to the moon. I often fall into the trap of not writing my goals down. Not keeping track of them. Not visualising them. I often know what I want or need but I don’t persist. But this year is going to be different. I’m aiming for balance in everything. I’m not going to binge on entering competitions and everything else. I’m going to do a little of everything everyday. So here are my tips for having a new year with new wins:


  • Write it all down! You’d be surprised how powerful the written word is. Seeing your goals all on a piece of paper will give you a clear indication of what you need to do to get there. Divide them into parts eg. This year I want to win, This year I want to be…and so on.
  • Put your goals where you can see them everyday. They don’t have to be plastered everywhere around the house but make sure you can see and/or read them first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.
  • Get organised. There is magic in tidying up. Get rid of clutter and things you don’t need. Invest in a 2016 Diary and use it!
  • Get your computer in order. Start with your comping files and start a new document for 2016. Create folders to put your favourite websites eg,, poetry sites,
  •  Forget about the past and what you didn’t win last year. Move onwards and upwards.
  • Change your mindset about winning and believe you can achieve anything and deserve to win.
  • It seems obvious but if you think you’re not lucky you wont be so start thinking you’re lucky!


A New Year with New Wins can only occur if we ready to receive. Clear the way in 2016, prizes can’t find you if you have the blocked their way. Give yourself the edge this year and get ready for the prizes to start flowing your way. I’m sending  good luck to everyone this year!