What to do when there’s a Prize drought



It happens to everybody. Wins are coming left, right and centre. Sure they are probably small prizes some might be big. But they seem to be consistent for a while. Everything is going just fine. Then it happens.


The dry spell comes. No prizes. No winning emails. Not even a double movie pass. Nothing. Nada. So you enter some more and still nothing. Your hand feels like it has RSI from all the typing and clicking. Still nothing. So what is a comper to do? How does a comper keep going when the going gets tough.


Here are few things to do when the dreaded prize drought strikes:


  1. Don’t panic! You know panicking will stuff up your ‘lucky equilibrium’. Just relax and don’t get yourself all worked up.
  2. Keep calm and Comp on. Keep going. Do nothing, nothing happens. Keep comping. Keep entering.
  3. Realise a drought is normal. It would be rather strange if you constantly won all the time.
  4. Find your happy place. Write down everything you want to win. There’s an oasis in every desert.
  5. Be grateful. Look at your list of wins in the last year. Things are not as bad as they appear.
  6. Be happy for other winners. Get out of your own head and enjoy someone else’s win.
  7. Accept that its just not your time and the prize you are meant to win is on its way.
  8. Improve your WOL answers by researching other winning answers and getting more creative.
  9. Eat chocolate. Treat yourself and take a break. Sometimes you just need a rest to refresh.


When there’s a drought it’s important to not lose site of the bigger picture. The prizes you have won. The connections you have made on Competitions.com.au. Learning new things and enjoying a hobbie.


I would love to know how do you survive a prize drought?

Dear Karl and Lisa…



Dear Karl and Lisa,


It’s time we talked. For a long time I have resisted your competition. Maybe it’s been a year or two. I’m not sure. But I resisted. I decided to opt out. Not participate or Join in. I watched in envy as your callers answered with those magical words ‘I wake up with today!’ and I watched with sadness when it passed the five rings.


Sure I was tempted. It looked like fun. Waiting in anticipation when you announced the chosen one. Counting the rings one by one. Rejoicing with the team when they finally answer. Oh and all the daydreaming I could do before 9am.


There have been many times I wanted to register. Karl’s friendly voice encouraging me ‘Text your name and suburb to…..’. After all it was just one text message I told myself and ‘You gotta be in it to win it’. Just do it. Still I resisted.


Why you ask? Fear.


What if I missed the phone call? What if there was a jackpot? What if I froze and stumbled on the words? What If I was in the loop and you couldn’t get through to me? What If I ran for the phone, tripped, broke my leg and I couldn’t answer in time? What if a family member or work colleague heard my name? What if I missed my chance!


This is a regret I could not live with.


That is until now.


Today I am now registered. I am no longer a spectator but in the arena. The ease at which I can enter multiple times makes me a definite contender. I’m not sure if entries roll over but I enter every day just to make sure.


Sure it’s not going to change my life. I might miss out. I might trip and fall. I might say ‘Hello?’. But I just wanted to let you know…I’m now ‘in’.


I admit being a Victorian this makes me slightly unlucky. The competition gods seem to prefer Queenslanders. I promise I really do ‘Wake Up with Today’. I laugh at all of Karl’s jokes and I love Lisa’s wardrobe.


So now I’m registered……I have just one question? When are you going to call me?


Kind Regards,




Melting in the October Heat



I don’t know where you are but Melbourne is in the middle of a heat wave and so the only thing to do is to stay indoors. As far as I’m concerned 35 degrees is not the kind of weather you stay in for long.  But it is a much welcome change, considering the long winter we just had.


So today I’m staying indoors, air con on and sitting at my desk procrastinating and comping with a gin and tonic. And this week I have good news…..


I was the lucky winner of a double movie pass. Yay! And drum roll….I also won some wine from my local shopping centre. Yay X 2! And drum roll…I gave everything away! Why you ask? Because I love giving away prizes to family and seeing their faces when my freebies arrive. My mum got the wine and my sister got the movie pass. It still gives me a thrill to win and give my prizes away.


But the main reason I love giving stuff away is I love the hunt more than the prizes. OK I’m exaggerating a little. I do love winning big prizes for myself but I also love entering just as much. Digging deeper I was wondering what exactly I like so here goes:

  • Productivity. I feel productive when I enter allot of comps.
  • Lucky. They make me feel lucky.
  • Positive. They put me in a positive mood.
  • Pass the time. Time fly’s when you’re having fun like during heat waves and long cold winters.
  • Escape. I get to escape into the land of Prizieland.
  • Exclusivity. Sometimes I feel no one knows about competition clubs so I feel like I’m a part of a secret society.
  • Karma. When I give away prizes or promise to take family on trips I might win, I feel I put good Karma out into the universe.


This is why competitions are great for weeks like these. When a heat wave zaps all your energy from you, you need all these little things to keep you going.


About giving away all my prizes…

There was a time when my family wasn’t that sportive of my new hobby but now they get to benefit from my hobby and they see all the benefits that go along with it. So bring on the heat and all those small prizes.

Image by By Rachel Paprocki via unplash.com.