10 Benefits of Entering Competitions



This post is to win you over about competitions once and for all. Competitions and prizes use to be a total and complete mystery to me. I never could figure out how people won. I would see a competition on Getaway or in a magazine and think ‘I could never win that!’. I thought it was too hard to come up with an answer to these strange 25 word or less questions. I had no idea about anything. Once I actually joined a competition website on a dark and stormy night, the clouds did part and I finally understood the hobby of entering competitions. When I got going and won my first prize, there was no turning back. So if you’re undecided about competitions here are 10 benefits of entering competitions I bet you didn’t know:

  1. You can win….Big! Houses, Cruises, holidays and cash are all up for grabs.
  2. You can never run out of competitions to enter. There are literally thousands of competitions and prizes to win at any given moment in Australia.
  3. You build your creative muscle with every 25 word or less answer you come up with and you can use this creativity in many aspects of your daily life. Plus it might just unlock something in you.
  4. You can have fun reading back on your 25 word or less answers. Keep a notebook or file and You’ll be amazed with all the different poems and one liners you created.
  5. Comping doesn’t cost anything! Except when you have to buy a can of tuna to enter a competition, it’s totally free to enter and the best things in life are free.
  6. It’s social. By joining a club or website like competitions.com.au you connect with other like-minded people. Sharing information, tips plus all the highs and lows of being a comper.
  7. Your friends and family will envy you when you start winning and yes you will win prizes!
  8. Part of the formula for winning is pure maths. The more you enter the more chances you have to win.
  9. The other part of the formula for winning is a mystery. You’ll become aware of the mysterious universe and the elusive lady luck.
  10. Competitions are quick to enter so you can enter heaps which yes you guessed it increases your chances of winning.
  11. Those long train rides, lunch breaks and boring days at work are no more with your new hobby. Enter on your phone or a minimized window on your computer -when your boss isn’t watching of course!
  12. Competitions give you hope and something positive to look forward to when life gets you down and sometimes we just need these things to keep us going.
  13. You can officially call yourself a comper which your family and friends won’t understand but that’s OK, eventually they’ll want to be one too when they start seeing you winning prizes.

Entering competitions is I think one of the best hobbies you can have. The best thing is you can win big or small and it’s all a thrill. You’re rewarded for your efforts and for being the most creative. To become a comper is to become a winner in every way.

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