Competitions in 2016 and Beyond

How competitions have changed over the years. I remember when in 2009 when I first joined a competition club. I watched a story on A Current Affair with my family. Tracy was interviewing professional compers who had won allot and I mean allot. I was so curious and so the next day I joined.  When
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Crafting the Perfect Christmas Winning Answer

This is my favourite time of year! Not just because I can’t wait until the big feast, Boxing Day sales and the warm weather but who can forget all the Christmas competitions that come around this time of year. I especially love getting surprise prizes after Christmas because then I can claim them for myself.
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Radio Competitions and Mykonos

I’ll never forget that phone call, where I was and what I was doing. I was driving home with my sister when I got the call from a radio station. The competition was for a Trip to Mykonos. We pulled over and parked the car. My sister was practically screaming. I just had to do
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Dear Karl and Lisa…

Dear Karl and Lisa,   It’s time we talked. For a long time I have resisted your competition. Maybe it’s been a year or two. I’m not sure. But I resisted. I decided to opt out. Not participate or Join in. I watched in envy as your callers answered with those magical words ‘I wake
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Melting-in-the-October-Heat and competitions

Melting in the October Heat

I don’t know where you are but Melbourne is in the middle of a heat wave and so the only thing to do is to stay indoors. As far as I’m concerned 35 degrees is not the kind of weather you stay in for long.  But it is a much welcome change, considering the long
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