The Must Do’s for winning a store competition

The Must Do’s for Winning a Store Competition

Store competitions are one of the best competitions to enter for a comper. They require a little effort so entries tend to be less competitive. The easier the competition the more entries there are.  Store competitions include any competitions where you have to go to the store and buy a product. They’re usually supermarkets and
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Why you need to read the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions page is often the most overlooked part of entering a competition. The dream of winning a fabulous prize can be intoxicating, thrilling and blinding, all at the same time. The consequences of not looking at the fine print at it’s worst, can be devastating. Prizes have known to be forfeited or
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Social Media Competitions -

Social Media Competitions

I remember when companies first started using social media for competitions. The resistance from compers at the time was understandable. Nobody wanted to sign up to Twitter, Instagram or use a personal Facebook profile. The entries for theses competitions were relatively low.   How times have changed. Now with the rise and the clear power
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