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Nine Notes for Newbies

Don’t dismiss small competitions run through local businesses, charities, church or your local school, playgroup or pre-school. You often have a better chance of winning a prize through them than through the large, well promoted competitions, especially those advertised on television or national newspapers. Also keep you ears open for competitions on your local radio
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Dear Competition sponsor

Dear Competition Sponsor

Dear Competition Sponsor On behalf of the many enthusiastic and committed compers in Australia and beyond, I am writing to you to both commend you on your efforts to provide us with the competitions we enter every day and to give you some hints and tips from ‘the other side of the fence’. We fully
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How Far Would You Go

How Far Would You Go?

I waited with anticipation and a fair degree of curiosity until the Dracarkis Jeweller’s Facebook page announced the winner of a $10,000 diamond ring through their recent Hearts On Fire competition in April this year, held in Sydney. To enter this competition first you had to solve a number of clues that were posted on
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Crown Archer10

A Comp Queen

Sarah Phillips is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill comper.  She has taken her comping hobby to a new level over the last year or so after starting her very popular blog – Diary of a Comp Queen. Now, on top of winning some pretty amazing prizes on a regular basis from week to week, she is also
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It’s Complicated

I often wish I had a time machine and could transport myself back in time to when entering competitions was as easy as sending off your 25 WOL answer on the back of an envelope or filling out a form by hand and putting it in a box at the supermarket. These days entering competitions
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mums the word - miranda granche

Mum’s The Word

You would think that running a household and raising five young children would pretty much take up every spare minute of the day but somehow Ali Henderson still seems to find plenty of time to enter competitions. “I’ve always entered competitions”, she tells me. “I used to get small wins through magazines such as Take
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supermarket simon shek

Buy to Win with Nabbit

When I began comping many years ago the most common competitions were ‘buy to win’ competitions where you had to purchase a product, keep the receipt or packaging and send off an entry form (or put it in a special box at the supermarket). Times have definitely changed! Obviously the main aim of competitions is
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Winning Streak

A Winning Streak

We all know him on the competitions Forum as inwithachance but he could just as easily call himself mrwinningstreak because this lucky comper, who has only been comping since last August, has been on a winning streak ever since. At last count, he has won 62 prizes (with a few freebies and product reviews thrown
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post - shan213

Mail-in Competitions

It doesn’t seem to be that long ago when entering competitions meant writing your answer and your contact details on the back of an envelope and posting it off or putting a filled-out entry form into a specially marked box at the supermarket. Well, these days are certainly gone! I have noticed that in other
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form - rob enslin

The Pros and Cons of Autofills

One of the most annoying things you find when you start comping (apart from the fact that you don’t always win straight away) is the tedious task of filling out all the entry forms. Most competitions require quite a bit of information in entry forms, which fascinates me sometimes. Like, why do they always need
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