4 Things I Wish I'd never known about competitions

4 things I wish I’d never known about competitions

Everything is so innocent in the beginning. I’ve been on my comping journey for so many years now (Not telling how many years!) and there’s no turning back now. Here hare 4 things I wish I’d never known about competitions:   The numbers Before I heard about the ‘numbers’ I was blissfully entering competitions, unaware
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8 revealing signs you are a competition junkie

Entering competitions is an innocent hobby as any other but when do you know things are going too far? Below are 8 revealing signs you’re a competition junkie:   Competitions are the first and last thing you think about. If you’re waking up thinking about competitions and going to bed thinking about competitions, then it
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Leap ahead and Win this Leap Year

What have you been doing on this extra day of the year? To be honest I’ve never really thought about leap years. don’t know anybody who’s birthday falls on the 29th February. But this year I have noticed allot of new articles about this year and so I couldn’t resist to also write about the
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