It’s Complicated

I often wish I had a time machine and could transport myself back in time to when entering competitions was as easy as sending off your 25 WOL answer on the back of an envelope or filling out a form by hand and putting it in a box at the supermarket. These days entering competitions
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mums the word - miranda granche

Mum’s The Word

You would think that running a household and raising five young children would pretty much take up every spare minute of the day but somehow Ali Henderson still seems to find plenty of time to enter competitions. “I’ve always entered competitions”, she tells me. “I used to get small wins through magazines such as Take
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supermarket simon shek

Buy to Win with Nabbit

When I began comping many years ago the most common competitions were ‘buy to win’ competitions where you had to purchase a product, keep the receipt or packaging and send off an entry form (or put it in a special box at the supermarket). Times have definitely changed! Obviously the main aim of competitions is
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