pop quiz bdunnette

A Comping Quiz

I think the time has come to take another Comping Quiz, don’t you! Here ‘tis: 1. Your best friend just rang to tell you she had won a holiday in Hawaii for two. Would you: Congratulate her (with a little sigh). Cross your fingers and hope she is going to ask you to join her.
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Blog Ideas

Blog Giveaways

When looking around for competitions to enter once you have exhausted all those on the website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, don’t dismiss the giveaways run through (sometimes small and obscure) blogs. In fact, it is because they are small and obscure, they can be worth entering. Just like Facebook business and interest pages, bloggers are
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Winners are Grinners

Winning is fun! That’s why we all enjoy it so much (well, most of the time anyway). However, occasionally when we get a bit carried away we forget to make a note of the competitions we enter and miss out on the prizes because we haven’t checked back to the announcement of the winners to
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survive - pollobara

How to Survive a Prize Drought

You have been on top of the world. The prizes have been regularly appearing at your doorstep or in your mailbox. Finally you thought you could call yourself a successful comper. Then suddenly it happens. Things slow down. You are still entering heaps of competitions. You know this because your fingers are tired from filling
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