Voting Competitions

I recently entered a Facebook competition by Marbig. I had to create a 50 character slogan to go onto a coffee mug. My entry was WHAT’S WITH THE SELFIE? GET A LIFE! The prize was a Nespresso Coffee Machine. I don’t even drink coffee but that’s what happens when you get serious about comping: it
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Ten Time-Taming Tips

If you are really serious about comping here are ten time-taming tips to get the most of every day. They are working for me! 1. Set aside a regular time slot every day that suits your lifestyle for finding and entering competitions. I check out as many as I can before breakfast, enter the easy
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For A Good Cause

My neighbours arrived yesterday from an eight day cruise around the South Pacific. I was a bit envious but also surprised when they told me they were going the other week as I was fairly sure they could not really afford a holiday like that. At the time I asked no questions. It was only
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I’ve been feeling a little bit tired lately so I think it might be time to take a break. In the meantime I am going to turn my attention to getting free samples and giveaways which are all in a good cause too – me! Since I started comping I have discovered how easy it
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