Chance vs Skill

Does it often frustrate you when looking for an interesting competition that most require a 25 words or less answer to a question of some other task to complete as a requirement to enter? I used to feel that way but now I see these as a creative challenge and a bit of fun. The
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Buy to Win

A bulky unsolicited letter package arrived in the mail today. Inside was a mail order catalogue with WIN in big letters splashed across the front page followed by ‘one of these fabulous prizes’ which included $20,000 cash, a diamond bangle and a selection of ruby jewellery. Then, of course, came the catch – ‘order today
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The Fine Print

I searched my office high and low and dug through all the drawers in my house for at least fifteen minutes until I found it: my magnifying glass. This is fast becoming an essential tool for my competition journey. How else can I possibly read all the terms and conditions that accompany every competition (every
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Help Me Write An Argumentative Essay

You realize the relationship isn’t likely to go anywhere, however, you don’t wish to harm him. Notify him help me write an argumentative essay that you really trust he detects somebody who will cherish help me write an argumentative essay him the way he warrants to be liked–then help me write an argumentative essay reiterate
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